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    Trek Fuel EX 8 or 9.8

    Nice one. The adjustments on the Fox GRIP fork really does make a big difference, feels really good in Open compared to my old x-fusion plus a bit easier to adjust on the trail than the two-speed comp dials on a HLR fork. I think SLX brakes are fine, I just wanted something different really, I...
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    Trek Fuel EX 8 or 9.8

    i have a fuel ex 9.8 2019 model. Got it on the BUPA discount as well. It's great. Came off a 150/140mm Trance 27.5. You can get your dealer to swap out the pawl kit to go 108pt on the stock hubs. $50 worth of parts or so. If you're worried about carbon wheels just stick cushcore or other rim...
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    Another one bites the dust. Cell bikes in administration

    So i looked at the site today for some reason and it was blank. Did a bit of digging and its parent company Plex Pty Ltd is in administration after insolvency...
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    SRAM Guide RS Brakes - Lever slow to return

    I have had this issue for a bit on my Guide Rs, got around to getting a new internal kit for both levers. Just for interests sake here's a photo of the updated piston on the right next to the old style on the left. It was pretty obvious the piston was sticking, when I removed it it had small...
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    State "Downhill Enduro" Round - Lithgow Pony Express 2016

    Gallery up and photos for sale here:
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    Cannonball MTB Festival 2016

    Galleries up and for sale here: You should be able to search by plate number also if there is photos with a plate (otherwise use "noplate" in search)
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    Awaba DH Nats Round 1

    Photos in gallery here (you can also search by plate number)... Should be at thredbo for Round 2!
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    All Mountain Tyres

    DHR2 up front goes great. I actually prefer it to the dhf up front, i find it corners even better but maybe that's just my style
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    World cup team changes rumor thread

    From Pat's insta last night... "Shrawlping at Thredbo this week with @barham_700 @rileyhorsman @bsykesphoto #lustymaxxisteam #lustymtbteam #berga @wearelusty"
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    The Moo

    W T F... Orienteering. The trail is probably still in good shape too, such was the build quality
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    zee vs guide rsc

    FWIW i'm happy with the performance of my Guide R brakes on my glory with 203mm/180mm F+R centerline rotors. I have shimano XTs on the trail bike and they're noticeably more on/off than the guides, the guides you have a great range of modulation and I haven't suffered any brake fade yet on...
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    Fox- is it just the short way of saying 'sub-standard suspension'?

    Just out of interest what's your method for bleeding RS shocks? Please don't say oil bath assembly. Screw a syringe/container onto the bleed port and cycle after doing their bleed via the IFP (monarch plus, other way round for a non-piggyback)
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    26" dh wheels

    will pm you
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    Crank set length?

    When you say smaller do you mean , 5 foot tall, 5foot6, 6 foot? If you're shorter than 5 foot 8 i'd go the 165mm. I'm bang on 6 foot tall and run 165 cranks on the DH bike for ground clearance and better stance (feels better having feet closer together when cranks are flat) and 175mm on...
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    2015 Glory steerer tube size

    Pretty certain my 2015 glory is running straight 1 1/8" steerer domain forks as per factory spec. I think the frame is made with a lower headtube ID that can take a 1.5" fork but the stock lower cup reduces to 1 1/8". If you really want to be sure take the top crown and stem off and drop the...