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    hi. lets do it. best to email me at cheers

    hi. lets do it. best to email me at cheers
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    hi. are your brakes still for sale? would you post to sydney for 250? joshua 006

    hi. are your brakes still for sale? would you post to sydney for 250? joshua 006
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    Chain reaction cycles

    anyone now why so much stock has been wiped from the store when australia is the nominated country?
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    Post your all mountain bike 185 and 90kg with kit. frame size is large. im running a 60mm stem (after starting with a 40, then a 50mm). try ben at he is mr banshee
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    Post your all mountain bike

    after racing an enduro late last year in cairns, and then this year the ews in rotorura, i found the spitfire on fast, steep terrain bottom out a lot at speed. it resulted in a blown rear shock the day before racing in roto. i could probably have set the shock (ccdb) up better? i think any other...
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Updated my spec-enduro to a spitfire a year ago. Just updated the spitfire to a rune. The enduro was cool, the spitfire was great but this thing is awesome. If you ever get the chance, try one!
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    Stoked to finally get this together! Big thanks to Ben from singletracks for the hookup. First ride this weekend. Excited.
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    Australian Gravity Enduro Series 2014

    im agreeing 100% with cokeonspecial.. having grown up in perth it was an easy excuse to go race. the trails where amazing and the guys who where running the event and the builders who where there fining tuning their creations saturday all had so much enthusiasm you couldnt help but get stoked on...
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    Australian Gravity Enduro Series 2014

    Heyya Martin.. is going to a build day the only way to ride the track before the race? And will there be open practice on the saturday before the race?
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    Rollercoaster powered by Flow - 2014 NSW State Series and Championships

    Yep, enduro should be all about the toughest guy/gal winning. Shuttles, at these venues, with 'enduro style' tracks is downhill racing for peeps who dont want to race downhill. Riding up a hill only makes you stronger. Say .no. to shuttles at enduros! Say .no. to extended practice. Ride up...
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    Bike fit in Sydney?

    Harry, try velofix in rozelle, they have two options for setup, both using the body geometry system developed by specialized, one option includes getting checked out by a chiro who reports on your body type, aiding setup.. there number is 9555 4666
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    Ourimbah DH track

    I was scoping the same gap (maybe 12-15 feet?) while Nick and his brother where deciding if Nick could clear it.. the landing is safe, you could over jump the landing by meters without getting into trouble.. he came in to slow, cased the lander, rolled on the front for a bit then keep going...
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    2008 NSW Mountain Bike Masters

    Are the race catagories 30-34 35-39 40-44 etc or 30-39 40-49?
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    8hrs of Down Hill Event!!! 9-2-2008

    Sammydog, id be interested in racing both days..if your still looking for a third rider..I fit the grumpy old bastard criteria..
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    Mont Wrap Up

    A totally enjoyable weekend, great track, nice weather, camping next the car was a real bonus - especially when it came time to pack up.. Our team rode steady and incident free, but was a little off the pace in the six man catorgory, finishing 11th/12th - have to wait for the results to be...