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    L'officiel Le Tour 2009 Thread!

    Sorry, I'll re-phrase, if Cadel doesn't attack on the last climb I will cry:(
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    L'officiel Le Tour 2009 Thread!

    If Cadel doesn't attack today, I will seriously cry:(
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    argyle's or pike's

    I have only ridden Pikes so I can't vouch for Argyles but my Pikes feel awesome.
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    Nationals Round 5 4x Pics

    Just a couple of pics from the 4x with my crappy digital camera.
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    Sorry, league pass on , let's you watch like 3 games at once or something, Rockets fan here:)
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    Do you have league pass? Who do you go for?
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    :eek: I used to play state for Tassie under 13's, just play for under 17's div 1 now because of school, riding etc, I'm 15, am 5'9 - 5'10 and play point guard. Anyone follow the NBA?
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    Frame help?

    I have an 08 Suburban and they ride extremely well, Perfect geo and fairly light with the right parts. As Bens aid, they're hard to overlook.
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    Where have all the youtube videos gone?

    Are you trying to watch a tv show or a movie? Because usually it's because of copyright infringements.
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    R.I.P. Ed Bonnin

    Only met Ed once, his riding was truly inspirational, R.I.P.
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    NS Bitch

    Go the NS Bitch if you're an all round rider, they're very nice frames.
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    Stiff steering

    I hope not, brand new fork, tried loosening the top cap a little bit, it's a bit looser but still a little bit stiff, I'll ride a bit for a week to see if things loosen up a bit more.
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    Stiff steering

    I installed my headset about a week and a half ago now. At first the steering was a little bit stiff eg. when you spin the bars around they dont spin freely, they stop about a quarterway around. At first I thought this would just go away after I wore it in a bit but the problem has persisted...