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    Jack Zammit 2011 Preveiw

    Jack Zammit a central coast rider, great bloke and newest employee at monster skate park sydney. enjoy
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    Funny riding expressions

    Got a mate with a funny concentration face when riding?? take a photo of it and put it here :p Here is one of Jack Zammit from the Central Coast at Wadalba skate park i took yesterday.
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    Little Things You Love

    star city :D
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    DH Demo 7 with fox 40's, but what should I add to make it look really cool?? Need help!

    A wicked Custom graphic designed paint job always does nicely no matter how ugly the bike was originally ;)
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    DH Chumba F5 Build - Nearly done

    looks hot buddy, i hope you get that beauty rolling soon :)
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    Casper's Face plant (flip tire grab gone wrong)

    Casper's (aka Hayden Bishop) Face plant at Bikecology Park jam at Kincumber South Skate
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    Jack Zammit Web Edit 2010

    Yer It was a tad long but I like to use slow motion a fair bit as well as show some personality from the rider, I didn't want it to look like another plan BMX video because I find that most of them a basically the same as the one before hand, where there is some douche bag flying around on a...
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    Jack Zammit Web Edit 2010

    Hey guys just testing out the New Adobe CS5 programmes so enjoy the fun vid :cool: and yes I know I spelt Chatswood wrong.
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    Sam Fraser. 16 and shredding :) Please View

    are you using a sony HDR-sr7e?
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    Big air thread

    I was at Kincumber south Jam yesterday when Luke Bowerman showed up after coming back from woodward 3 days ago with injured ankles Then he did this insane hipped gap out of a 6ft quarter 7meters (could be more) over a concrete path onto the oval this is a frame take from a vid i got of...
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    steve romaniuk chest cam

    shit that was some quick riding :D
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    Stupid embarrising injuries.

    my mate ruptured his spleen by doing a simple tire grab, which is kind of funny seeing he can flip spines
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    Your Interesting Train Rides

    hahaha classic
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    Your Interesting Train Rides

    hahaha was on the train today coming back from Hornsby back to Gosford with my mate Jake because im doing a sponsor video for him and sure enough there was an interesting person on board in our carriage. Me and my mate were like "OMG who is this person" she must of been the biggest bullshit...
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    Your Interesting Train Rides

    wow, what the hell was it over?