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    ATAC MTB pedals on a roadie..

    all my bikes are crank brothers eggbeaters roadi, cx and mtb. works fine and good when ordering latte on roadie rides.
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    Otway Odyssey

    the 100k needs a refresh, make it a true epic 160k like dirty kanza, or leadville- then the finish would roll back into Apollo Bay. starting at AB is a pain, but adds some epicness that you can't get starting at forrest. its funny how organisers think people always want to ride the same...
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    Fire Warnings

    one pump would be a single point of failure in a fire, not to mention melting plastic from radiant heat on components and the fact that the pump will fail with poor air intake. then you need some kind of bunker or place to retreat to with no visibility, hot ground, falling trees, post fire, no...
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    Disc brakes on road bike?

    If you've come from an mtb bike, then disc brakes on roadie are the way to go. My giant tcr has ultegra discs (like xt), beautiful on descents and when on hoods, you don't need much force to brake we all know the stopping force of discs compared to rim. Pro Peleton, disc brakes were the next...
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    27.5 is dead

    magazines with dopey opinions even more dead
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    Fire Warnings

    just have to wonder how much single track has been lost, not to mention loss of forest, animals of course.
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    Advice on Cutting Seat tube

    its last resort cutting the frame, it'll mean the clamp is closer to the weld, will void warranty if you still have one as well. cut the dropper, there's material there above the weld for a reason, high stress area imo.
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    eBay/Paypal Concern

    cash only!
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    Ho hum... another cracked rear triangle!

    ok I see, ... alloy would have bent, carbon crack. that's not a design fault more high side impact - yeah can't do much about that. you've got to take risks and have fun and sometimes this happens. its worth having a back up bike and keep this baby for show rides.
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    Ho hum... another cracked rear triangle!

    can't see many failures on forums mtbr just this one.
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    Ho hum... another cracked rear triangle!

    not good. have you got a picture of the broken part? would be interesting to see where it failed.
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    Sam Hill's 2018 Mega is for sale...$5,000

    yep ..... as you roll up to the trial head on your first ride.
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    Ayups users please.

    ayups, they simply aren't bright enough anymore, weather mine have faded or the current lights are just super bright, dunno. I use rockbro now. 2 of these light up the darkest trails - usb rechargable, run time on high 1 hour. you also need light penetration when other commuters approach...
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    Anyone ridden Forrest in Vic?

    you want xc bikes and fitness. yes red carpet climb up from the reservoir on track 2 you could ride up further on the dirt road and go through to the quarry descent that then joins red carpet, that's really your only long mtb descent. beyond that its all rolling up and down, some tight...
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    Mount Buller new EPIC trail

    if it aren't too wet or cold you can go to tbj junction cafe (mt stirling road) and start your ride from there, its around 20ks back to Mirimbah and of course you still have some nice climbing that means you earn the descent. If you park at tbj you can ride back to there after epic on dirt...