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    Suggestions for a "robust" ebike cassette

    remove chain turn into balance bike and lock motor on. changing gears pretty complicated for ebike owners.
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    Who lost a Yeti They're looking for the owner.
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    Trailforks - Now behind a paywall

    its going to bring up main segments, what I look for is a champion of the area - on that segment, then look at their rides, as you know we are creatures of habit, so usually there's a good route, instant local knowledge.
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    Trailforks - Now behind a paywall

    can't beat ride with gps for planning, you can even grab routes out of strava and upload into there, free features enough for a good ride. so in a new area you'd use strave segment explorer, find a top 10 rider, export their route and import into ridewithgps and export...
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    Sooo - I want an E-Bike

    look at it this way the dude having fun humping the blow up doll, well good on him, I know what I'd rather hump but if he thinks its real, he's got a smile on his face, he can even take that doll out for breakfast and she don't eat much. but bro, when you lie in bed at night, ebike is on charge...
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    Sooo - I want an E-Bike

    I'm starting to feel sick reading this forum, 'oh my knees hurt' or 'I can't climb as fast anymore' or 'oh I'm too tired after my ride', mate riding a bike aren't that hard, in fact its pretty easy, you guys have just become soft, if you don't look after yourself, what happens? overweight, high...
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    Buying bike parts from overseas, shipping time estimates and methods ?

    have you heard of the slow boat from china, your frames are on it. seriously what used to happen it all those international flights would have cargo on them, well that's not really happening, so expect long delays.
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    Is QR on a gravel bike a deal breaker?

    if you leave qr loose (or it comes loose on ride) it could have wheel release, thru axle won't - has to be open and unscrewed completely and removed, qr only has small tags to retain wheel. If qr axle fails - wheel is off ... a quick release, if thru axle fails, wheel is retained on one side of...
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    Lauf Grit Gravel Bike, anyone have one ?

    If you've got an mtb background then you'll have the skills to ride rigid, key is a fat cx tyre (40s), line choice a bit of upper body/core you know what I mean. Then you think well mtbs are dirt masters and where do you see this fork configuration on the dirt? so its going to work, nowhere...
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    speaking of lights the Ayups were so good ..... once, now I don't know whether they've faded or in comparison to other lights they just aren't bright enough on single track anymore. So just got 2 of these Lezyne 1600 (even has app to configure light settings), after going for Chinese...
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    and I've always been trying to avoid indoor dreadmill type training, you know the hampster wheel, but this is now becoming a possibility, could be worse of course. its all about keeping a strong immune system, plenty of veg, fruit, don't run yourselves down with Alcohol and stress peeps.
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    if someone ends up in ICU they need a ventilator, if its a choice between old sick person with underlying problems, diabetes, heart etc, vs younger person the younger person will get the ICU spot, the older will be sent home - or palliative care in hospital. That's why so many are dying in...
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    Otway Odyssey

    sorry guys that aren't me, just saw it on youtube and thought I'd post for some interest. :):)
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    Otway Odyssey

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    ATAC MTB pedals on a roadie..

    all my bikes are crank brothers eggbeaters roadi, cx and mtb. works fine and good when ordering latte on roadie rides.