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    Little Things You Love

    taking the friday off to have an extra long weekend. ayyyyyyyyy
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    Alex Hiam is thirteen and has his own custom frame !!!!!!

    different sources tell me he has snapped a sweet tooth and now runs gnar kill frames with sweet tooth decals on them. hope this is not true
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    its pretty cool now with the new parts :D and hey! i got a mention all honesty looks clean now.
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    DH New found Glory! *Update*

    I LOVE IT NICK even if im not a fan of DH riding enjoy her babe!
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    Yeti 303R + Action UPDATE Yo 1/6/2010

    please.. do tell..
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    flairs yo!

    the setup i used to take that pic is a 1000d with an 18-55mm lens but i do have a 55-250 for vairous other shots. that photo was taken with a 400 ISO custom white balance with high contrast settings. oh btw your flairs are amazing Billy.. your in such good form
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    flairs yo!

    don't know what it means or if im being rude in anyway here but i bought my new camera few days ago and its been amazing to me!! would be happy to take photos for the price of nothing took this today..
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    thats the beast you told me about.. love it mate.. you've done a hot job of that rincon
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    4X Stp.

    Daniel. you told me all about this i aplaud you on this one, that is so clean and dialed! cant wait to go out with you on the ole' hardtails! must catch up soon mate!
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    VIC please delete

    sorry everyone, ive come to my senses and im going to keep it, sorry guys!
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    Coalbunker sesh

    that song made the video. if he stayed on the bike he would have got it perfect.. for sure
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    VIC please delete

    Bump it to the top *will negotiate*
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    VIC please delete

    id have to see pics mate
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    Yeti 303R + Action UPDATE Yo 1/6/2010

    what was wrong with the 250 was alot nicer bike and rides better than an stp