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    2013 Round 3 Bright

    here are some shots i took from sunday arvos pro practice.
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    nukeproof scalp?

    our own track up the back to get into more detail, just the way it handles around corners and jumps is awesome.
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    nukeproof scalp?

    my brother has a Nukeproof Scalp and from just riding it around the house and so on it would have to be the best bike iv riden it feels so good it just makes you want to go riding. its acctualy for sale here...
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    Pushys Bike Warehouse Day on the Can 2011

    hey if im 16 and turning 17 in november, will i go up to 18's?
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    2012 Polygon

    its a big step up from the 2011 polygon. very nice bike i could see myself riding down a hill on one of them.
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    2011 world champs Champéry - Switzerland

    thenold sbs idnt working for me any one want to tell me whats up?
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    troy lee designs range

    Do tell, iv loved this kit ever since i saw it.
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    Nead a cheap downhill bike!! take a look at this mate its mine iv got a mate to put it up on rotorburn for me it says 1400 but he is due to bump it and drop the price to 1300.
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    Best Lift Accessed DH in Aus?

    mt buller fo sure has some of the sickest trails
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    Mt Buller VDHS Round 3

    Fucken sicck photyys brudda!!
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    How do you get shuttled?

    i do abit of everything mainly push runs when the oldies cant do it for me, and sometimes a mate will ask me to go with them
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    2010/2011 Vic DH State Series Official Discussion Thread!!

    i disagree with you on the part where you say short track bottem is longer than bighill bottem, because my brother and i rode bighhill then when we crossed the road and we raced i did short track bottem and he did bighill botteml and he is alot quicker than me and i almost ran into him at the...
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    2010/2011 Vic DH State Series Official Discussion Thread!!

    hey guys, my thoughts on the tracks for next season are: yack beauty - bighill barjarg - state champs eildon buller youies baw baw shepperton maybe ??