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    2012 Back Yamma

    Yet another fun weekend. We made a boys weekend of it this year & camped. It was one of the most relaxing (apart from Sunday) weekends ive had. The Pasta on Saturday night was great & at the right price. A big thank you to all the volunteers & sponsers who made this weekend possible. Loved...
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    Giant Anthem X 29er - See first post for info

    First ride on my Anthem & it was sweet but I have played with it since then & cant get it handling the same.... Im knocking the orings up to full travel every ride so I tried more air ending up with 20psi more than the chart spec on the front but it still feels crap. Ive gone back to 120...
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    Capital Punishment 2012

    I can let you know Saturday Arvo if you like :very_drunk:
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    mount stromlo camping for riders

    Try the link below Backs on to Bruce Ridge & only 30min ride over to Stromlo Enjoy
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    Wombat track status

    Off topic but is the loop at Wombat signed? Down over Xmas & was hopping to have a ride
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    Trails in and around Cooma*lrZU/Bungarraopenday.p Tracks in Jindabyne on 40min up the road. Not sure about Cooma it self
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    Back Yamma Bigfoot 2011 (Entries close Monday 22nd August)

    Sounds great to me No wasted accomodation!!! Looking forward to the weekend of pain followed by a few days at the zoo with the kids
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    Iron Horse DH at Cash converters Woden

    Hi all Noticed a IronHorse at Cash converters in Woden ACT today Sorry I didnt get to many details due to kid but did snap a quick photo
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    XC Tyres

    Ive just put a Maxxis Aspen fr & Larsen TT rr & ive got to say very impressed.
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    The James Williamson Enduro Challenge 2011

    Certainly has made the decents a little safer but not as much fun . We camped there this weekend & the single track is sweet.
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    Stromlo Closed Too

    I didnt see any signs saying that the down hill or 4 cross tracks were closed. 3 section closed were 1. lower section including Holdens creek cup track (Cardic?) 3.Slant six across the guts going north to Black berry but that was reopened by Monday. Ive ridden most of the other...
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    Where to Ride Canberra in the Wet

    Yep open & fun Thanks to everyone who spent time fixing the tracks after the rains. I for one appriciate your efforts. Stu:cool:
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    Consultation on the management of the Bruce Ridge cycling trails

    Slightly off track but were is the best place to start & find the single track out there?