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    The You Yangs Thread

    There was never any reported head on collisions to PV on Cressy or any other trail ,who ever told you that is simply wrong..
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    The You Yangs Thread

    If you read back a few post ,ive explained the reasone for the improvement works No one will give a shit if "YOU " ride the trail or not ,thats your choice. That's the only thing I don't give a shit about ,get that straight thanks. I wont be adding any thing further here, id rather a face to...
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    The You Yangs Thread

    I must be ridding a different track to your crowd? Every one I have spoken with face to face love the trail more now. Ive said it before and again ,ONLY yes only 2 rocky sections were changed all the other rocks were not touched.So I find it extremely hard to see how any one could come up with...
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Majority of its technicality changed? untrue Only 2 section of rock work changed,every other rock remains untouched and with further rock steps added. The reasons for the the changes to those 2 section was simple,safety and sustainability it was just getting messy with every one blowing of the...
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Some one has to re profile the trail surface as it was soft when said fuckwitts rode it. That will take time and time is money .Walking all over it also causes just as much damage ,just keep away until its opened.
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    Andy's Fat Tyre Bike Lodge Mt Buller - No more....

    Buller was only ever ok at its very best ,10 years ago. Id rather shit my pants than travel there to ride .
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    Alpine Gravity

    Just a cowboy outfit,is any one that surprised?
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    Sola Sport ?

    Same shit different ,different location at a guess. If I ran my business like Sola and talked so much shit , id have no teeth. Had only problems from that cowboy out fit.
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    NEW Flowtown trail - Falls Creek

    looked pretty good ,untill the riders had to start locking up their back wheel to get around some corners.
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    The You Yangs Thread

    A bit of rain late in the arvo,track conditions will be prime. Track got a bit rutted? Love to know where dude?
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Quiet laughable really , nothing will directly effect the park with this new mine.All ready a new one has started operating , no one was to concerned about that one? Some might call it a scare campaign or maybee a certain local just doesn't want it near them,who knows?
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    Which XC club in Melbourne?

    If your out west Shelly and would like to see your membership money actually go on the ground where you and your kids will ride , then you cant look past You Yangs MTB Inc. You Yangs as a club are the sole contributor(YES the only club that puts money into the trails) to the trail net work...
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    VIC Yarra Trails - Candlebark Park (Hans)

    Build up for sure, but with some down also. But from the photo's and the suggested method of repair , ill bet my balls most will fail. Who ever is doing the planning I can tell, has limited trail work experience .Id be interested to know who are land care proffesionals any way?
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    VIC Yarra Trails - Candlebark Park (Hans)

    That method in the "Scope of works" is about as 5 years out of date also,in about 5 years time you will understand why. Good luck with it all , at least its a start.
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    Protecting crank arms for shuttle runs

    Easy solution. Head down to Bunnings ,buy some 32mm clear poly tubing. Remove your pedal ,slide the poly tubing over the crank arm(it will fit snug over the arm),,cut above the thread for your pedal and re fit your pedal. This is buy far the best solution,will last for ever,fits snug in the...