2006 thredbo DH National Championships


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I shot about 400 pics over the weekend , but most are on a mates laptop at the moment. I'll sift through them over the next few days and post up the best ones.

If you raced theres a pretty good chance I got a decent pic of you , so I will be doing requests too. (give me a couple of days to go through them but) Not promising anything though , I farked a few up and had battery issues so missed some riders on their race run.:(

For now , heres a few and some great facials in some of them too ! You can almost see the relief on Rennies face as he crossed the line.




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hey mate did you get any of 616?..riding a stab deluxe with a blackand blue jersey and red shorts..oh yeh had a black d2 as well..thanks


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woffa04 said:
yeh i got one of you

wow nice shot thanks heaps man iam gessing that's just before i stacked lol.
i had 2 other stacks at the top as well both on berms so i lost about 30 second's all up and pulled a 7.27 i am so frakin happy.


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Thats like me i crashed next to the restraunt near the top and cut my elbows up n shit and had blood pissing out my arms and then i went over the bars 3 more times on the way down and got a 7:20! but my arms are all cut up still and i got a big graze on my shoulder and lower back and everything its fucked


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got any shots of number 612? camo Giant DH comp wearing either a no fear jersey with kahki shorts or blue shorts or a black Tshirt with bue shorts. no visor on a 661 full bravo carbon as well.


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i f*cked up the first part as you come i off the fire road and into that first lil rock gardeny thing. went too far left and hit a rock and got myself good on the stem. it farkin hurt.
anyway i'll be putting up some photo's soon.
do yuou have any of me 815??
Thanks oli


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any pics of 651.....wearing a bikeshed jersey with a silver d2 and red troy lee pants....2006 green dh comp.


WWW.PYLET.COM will have a big section of photo's free to all. just be patient as we have about a thousand pikkies and it will take a little bit to get them up. we will also be putting up a few vids for all to enjoy, and im pretty sure we have everyone on film. did anyone get some chicken in a biscuit while they were on the lift?



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Hey guys does anyone have some of me number 905 on a hardtail. that would be sweet.
Thanks guys.