Any Zwifters out there?


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Have had trouble getting enough kms in each week with work, weather, darkness, family, etc... so for my 50th my wife let me buy a Wahoo Kick'r smart trainer.
I signed up to Zwift a few weeks ago ( )...and am having a ball. Have completed a couple of group rides and an online race or two. It certainly increases the motivation and fun factor to indoor training.
Any other Rotorburners in the Zwift world?


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Not religiously but I am on it from time to time banging out intervals in poor weather - I can be found rolling around in a Geelong CC kit! :israel:


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Im planning on getting on it when i get back from holidays, picked up a Kickr Snap in the last Pushys sale. Looking forward to giving it a go.

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Was looking hard at the sufferfest app, having done a few of their videos and enjoyed them. But now I will have to throw this one into the mix. Looks the goods.


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I'm on there a couple of times a week, especially through winter.

Moorey is on there pretty regularly as well.


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I've had a long break from Zwift, but had my first ride back on it today.
They need to program in some Magpie attacks to make it more realistic for this time of year.



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They should have some different tracks and introduce some way to steer, yes it's obvious a game but pedalling head down without consequence is a bit silly. Will miss a few races this week but have been enjoying it recently, esp using some tactics instead of floating along eg less sprint at start but more random attacks to thin out the crowd and other antisocial behaviour to defuse the final sprints. I'd start an FTP thread but I'm a bit CBF ATM.


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Started using it a few weeks ago when I bought a smart trainer. Has been an interesting experience. Just did a few free rides for a start then the other week did an FTP test. Doing a few of the training sessions at the moment.

Haven't dipped into group rides or races yet. But the fact that I haven't given it up after 2 rides means it's fairing better than my old rollers!


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Getting myself setup here for the impending lockdown. Got a trainer, a trainer tyre (they come in 35c for the gravel bike!) and just ordered the Garmin speed and cadence sensors with Bluetooth.

I take it I can run this all off my iPad?


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I use an old pc, not sure about idevices but some android ones don't have ant+ built in so I needed a USB reciever. Plus a bigger screen does help you keep an eye on the competition, and that's what we're there for right? Speed and cadence sensor worked fine for a bit, I think its a bit less accurate but it probably doesn't matter much.

I started using zwift once the docs gave me clearance to hop on a trainer, it was the only real exercise I could do for months. Events are heaps more fun than just spinning around the place, group rides, races, interval training. They'll all help push you and keep/get that fitness up.

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It's a cool idea, a bit beyond what I can invest though. I picked up a fluid trainer this week to strap my '81 Miyata roadie into. I can see me instantly wanting upgrades like usual.


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Garmin sensors have BT and ANT so can directly connect to Zwift app (I think). $85 for the two sensors and hoping software takes care of rest.

wanted to setup in garage so no big screens, but I’ve not used the app yet so no idea what the experience is like


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I just sold my JetBlack trainer a month ago because I never used it. Became a source of shame everytime I walked past the spare room and saw it sitting there being used a defacto clothes horse.
Bloody wish I had it now!


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Ive been zwifting for a couple of years now. I've experimented with all sorts of setups over that time. if you can stretch the budget to allow for a smart trainer it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. In free ride the resistance changes automatically to simulate the gradient and in workout mode it locks you into your target power with ERG mode. You also get much more accurate power figures.
If anyone looking for more info on Zwift and all its associated gear I would reccomend you check out GPLama on Youtube:

He's very much a rodie, but he has some good content for setup and tips


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Gravedig post.

I just picked up a second hand wahoo kickr from a local pinner who used it for rehab after a big off. A few rides on zwift for myself, the wife and even the kids and I’ve grabbed the subscription for us all to share. Even my father in law is having a go as rehab after a quad bypass. A lot of fun, but hard on my knees. I’ll have to check my setup closer.

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I just picked up a second hand wahoo kickr from a local pinner who used it for rehab after a big off.
We borrowed/rented a Kickr a week ago from one of my kids mates.
Oldest son wants one and this is the perfect trial to see if he wants to spend the cash on one.

I have used it once, probably a good thing if you want to maintain a level of watts for a period of time, I can definitely see a good use for it when training or short of riding time.

He has 7 email addresses organised to give him free access for the next 7 weeks while using the borrowed one.


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I have a Kickr Snap for my roadie. I enjoyed Zwift, more fun than putting it in erg mode and chewing through kms.
Not been used for a while though as I literally don't have anywhere to put it with number 2 son here now.


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I've just reset mine up in the shed. I've just had a partial Parotidectomy (removed a tumor and about 5 cms off the bottom of the Parotid salivary gland)... and recovery is slowwwwww. Keen to start some light riding again but struggle to wear a helmet because of rubbing where the incisions were. Solution... indoor riding, helmet free. To speed my recovery I've also spent way more than I should have on a high end mtb frame and lots of build components...should help with motivation to get back on the trails :D.

I'm "Muz Russell" on Zwift if anyone wants to meet up. Maybe we could make a Zwift group. If interested...add your Zwift name to the thread.