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I'm looking to get an 89-94 model, extra cab, style side, auto Hilux or Rodeo with less than 200k on the clock. Want it to be somewhat practical, but still have the chick-pulling, impress-the-mates looks.


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for those years i would chose the can get all the sweet billet etc stuff from the states for it


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Well, I was actually thinking Hilux more than anything, and the shape didn't change between '89 and '94. Plus, my uncle has a '94 one and knows it inside out so he can work on it for me...


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sxereturn have a search though the memebers theres a dude called AUSTEN his in QLD and is into Mini Trucks!


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hi i all does anyone know if there is a different gear box that cant be put in a 98 courier

You could probably fit a Hewland DGB transaxle in there if you really wanted to. I mean anything's possible with the right gear and inclination ain't it?

I was in Port Maquarie last weekend whilst Mini Madness 09 was on. I never quite worked out where the show was, apart from the fact the town was overtaken by hordes of poorly executed and generally shithouse minitrucks, all of which seemed to be flying P plates.

Thanks guys for making the mid north coast highway patrol place a car every 10 kilometers on my trip back home on Sunday. You might not be able to travel at over the limit because your shitty trucks shake themselves to bits at anything over 70, but I can, and I resent the police presence.


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traditional hot rod/custom pickups are where it's at.

if your capable with most things mechanical and body i can't see why a mild pickup (providing your start with a good base) would cost you more to build then a decent hopped up hilux on bags, with a new interiour, sound system, wheels/tyres, paint etc.

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with muchos scallop work


saw this at the Australian hot rod & custom nationals at Phillip island a few weeks ago, it's still in progress. bags and i think it ran a caddy v8 or a SBC, can't remember.