Bargain buys thread


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Kinda not surprising. I've found web scrapers pretty hard to configure. They work for a while, then stop when the site redesigns something.
Maybe I'll get bored enough searching for parts that I'll give it a crack.
I think the other hard part for mth parts is the variation in naming protocol makes it hard to return all relevant products


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Speaking of bargains... How do people track prices/availability on various sites? Manually?

Anyone built a scraper to pull availability and pricing from crc/merlin/pushys/mtbdirect/etc.
For the most part there is only 3 or 4 sites to check for variations - then I just google the actual part and see if something happens to pop up.

I also tend to find shop "A" is dearer on part 1 but cheaper on part 2 so I tend to look at the whole package.
I also prefer to order from the big ones feels more like I will get my stuff.


Let you google that for me
Every time there's free shipping, I can't remember the small things I want to buy.

Chain checker? Chain? Brake pads? Nah it'll be fine..


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Well pushys was easy in a google sheet with the importxml function... Then i tried crc, but ran out of lunch-break time to play around with which part of the code to scrape. Wasn't playing as nice.


Let you google that for me
What would be even better is a shared Google Doc where we can update prices when we see them. I'm pretty sure you can see a date for when a cell is updated?