Bargain buys thread


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After seeing ozzybmx’s post re shoes at Pushys . I stumped up for some five tens in ‘ interesting colour ‘ .
$53 and 2 DAYS delivered to m y door !

Sizing is a little tight tho , but I have big flat hoofers .


Likes Bikes and Dirt
That’s a great price. I don’t know you will beat that price with 12 month subscription. I did look at these but I think I’ve used my Nikon action cam 3 times in 8 years so not really going to use one. My daughter now uses it for photos


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This actually the opposite of the thread but where else can it go?

Usual wait time for Trickstuff brakes is apparently 2 years. Bike24 have 4 sets of Maxima brakes available for purchase now.

These guys have got heaps :p