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Bruce Ridge ACT

Discussion in 'Trail Building' started by Bucket Master, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Bucket Master

    Bucket Master Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    Canberrans are being invited to help formalise the cycling trails in Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve, Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Jon Stanhope, said today (well in December...).

    "The ACT Government is seeking community input to help formalise cycling trails in Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve,” Mr Stanhope said.

    “This will help determine which existing tracks should be maintained and how they should be managed for recreational use while minimising impacts on walkers and the environment.

    “Over time Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve has become a significant venue for mountain bike riding, with over 17km of trails.

    "Walking is also a popular activity, and this initiative will ensure that the interests and safety concerns of walkers and cyclists are considered.

    “The Government recognises that most of the trails have been constructed without official permission. However, an assessment of the ecological values of Bruce Ridge has shown that formalisation of some of the existing cycling trails will not impact on flora and fauna of the reserve. Instead, formalising the trails will have significant safety, environmental and social benefits.

    "Just as importantly, this initiative will be an effective way of discouraging further unauthorised trail construction.

    “Tracks that are well-constructed, are safe and do not impact on the environment will be considered for formalisation, while unsustainable and/or hazardous trails will be closed and rehabilitated.

    “It is important that we engage with the community to ensure the best possible outcome for all users of the reserve.”

    Mr Stanhope said the ACT Government is committed to high quality land management which allows well-managed recreational use while conserving biodiversity.

    So this was a while ago...December and last Thursday there was a consultation meeting the notes of which are attached for your reference

    View attachment Notes from the Bruce Ridge Consultation 17 February - distribution.pdf
  2. sammydog

    sammydog NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association

    This is good news and positive comments from the land manager as well make it even better.

    While I haven't ridden there, everyone I know who lives in Canberra love the trails there. Good to see them formalised, might even need to find an excuse to get down for a spin.
  3. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    My comments are in... Anyone who has ridden Bruce Ridge should comment too!
  4. Bucket Master

    Bucket Master Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    Update - Formation of Friends of Bruce Ridge

    Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve (Bruce Ridge).

    Thankyou for your ongoing interest in Bruce Ridge.

    As you are aware, in recent years Bruce Ridge has become a significant venue for mountain bike riding. As a result, the Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) undertook an assessment of the ecological values of Bruce Ridge and began a community consultation process on the formalisation of some of the existing trails.

    The initial consultation phase has been completed and PCS now wish to form a “Friends of Bruce Ridge” to help with the formalisation of some of the trails and play a key role in the on going community management of the ridge.
    To this end, you are invited to the first meeting of “Friends of Bruce Ridge” on

    Wednesday 30 March
    at the PCS Stromlo Depot
    500 Cotter Road, Weston Creek
    between 17:40 and 19:30.

    Mr Anthony Burton has been engaged to assist PCS with the next phase of the project. Mr Burton is an environmental scientist, bush walker and cyclist who currently undertaking his PhD though the School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. He has many years of experience in working with government, non-government organisations, diverse communities and in developing recreational facilities.

    A series of Questions and Answers have also been prepared for your information (attachment A).

    If you are able to attend this meeting please RSVP to manana(at)homemail.com.au or contact Mr Burton on 0434 612 011.

    Please also contact Mr Burton if you are unable to attend the meeting on the 30th, but are interested in being involved in the group and attend future sessions.

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Best Regards

    The Bruce Ridge Consultation Management Team”

    Q. Will Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) move to formalise trails on Bruce Ridge to allow for some mountain bike activity on Single Track?
    A. Yes, PCS is moving towards foramlising some of the single tracks on Bruce Ridge to allow them to be legitimately used for Mountain Biking, Trails running and walking

    Q. Is this consistent with the Plan of Management as cyclists are only permitted on formed roads?
    A. Yes. Clause 6.6.3 (page 46) in the Management Plan for Canberra Nature Parks (1999) identifies “The needs of the cycling community for more challenging ‘single tracks’ is acknowledged. Consultation with cycling groups will continue to consider a limited number of appropriately signposted ‘single tracks’ suitable for use by cyclists which do not displace walkers or jeopardise CNP’s conservation values” (6.6.3 page 46). PCS recognise this as an issue and wish to proactively engage mountain bikers.

    Q. Will all the trails remain?
    A. No.
    • PCS will work with the community, develop appropriate criteria to establish which trails;
    o should remain;
    o need to be rerouted;
    o need to be closed and rehabilitated; and
    o should be single use or multi-use.
    • PCS will, with the help of the community and professionals undertake a trail audit to determine the existing state of the trail network.
    • Both of these processes will help PCS to determine which trails will remain and which trails will need to be remediated.

    Q. Is there a budget for implementing the formalisation of the trails e.g. paying for materials, signage etc.?
    A. Yes, PCS has identified adequate funds for this process from the Volunteers and Visitors Program budget. PCS have also agreed to:
    • a more consistent and visible ranger presence in the reserve;
    • funding for the formation and ongoing nature of the park care group; and
    • funding for initial and ongoing maintenance of trails and weed management within the reserve.
    Q. How can I be involved?
    A. PCS are helping to form a new community group, “Friends of Bruce Ridge”. This group will help with the management of the ridge and will work on things like trail maintenance and weed management.

    Q. What about ongoing maintenance costs of facilities?
    PCS will be able to assist with a small amount of funds however the ongoing maintenance will rely mostly on volunteers and community groups and the formation of “Friend of Bruce Ridge”.

    Q What is the timeframe?
    A. PCS are confident of forming “Friends of Bruce Ridge” by early to mid April and hope to begin some on the grounds work in late April early May 2011.

    Q. Will other reserves be subject to a similar project?
    A. At this stage - no. Bruce Ridge can be seen as a trial.

    Q. Will events be allowed at Bruce Ridge?
    A. This is yet to be decided, however, it is unlikely that multi-lap events that are within the confines of Bruce Ridge will be allowed. Events that pass through the area as part of a longer event may be permitted.

    Q. What about unauthorised trails that have been established in nearby areas such as Black Mountain?
    A. PCS does not support these unauthorised trails being built throughout the reserves and tries to educate users to follow established management trails in these sensitive reserves. PCS would expect mountain bikers to cease using the nearby unauthorised trails in Black Mountain/ Mt Majura etc. due to damage to sensitive and significant flora.

    Q. How might community groups become involved in the process?
    A. Spread awareness of formalisation of trails and the need to stick to these trails. Be involved in implementation and ongoing maintenance.

    Q. How many kilometres of mountain bike track will there be and what levels of difficulty?
    A. This is yet to be determined but will be identified with input from the community.

    Q. How will the decision to close some tracks and keep others open be made, and by whom?
    A. The community will help to develop the criteria upon which trails will be assessed. However the ultimate decision will be made by PCS, with reference to community views and relevant expert advice.

    Q. What will happen if illegal trails continue to be used and new unauthorised trails are made here and at nearby reserves?
    This will be looked at on a case-by-case basis but PCS Management will not look it upon favourably. PCS (with community help) will be policing this and other sites.

    Q. Will O’Connor Ridge be included?
    A. O’Connor Ridge already includes a small network of Multi-use trails and the management of these trails could benefit from being formally included in this scheme. PCS will be considering this management approach in the coming months.

    Q. Will there be downhill mountain biking in Bruce Ridge?.
    A. No, it is unlikely that there will be any specifically Downhill track within Bruce Ridge. The initial investigations of the site show that the current illegal Downhill trail goes through sensitive habitat and should be remediated. PCS will work across TAMS/ACT Government Land managers and with the user groups to determine a suitable downhill corridor in a suitable location to reduce the likelihood of other downhill tracks being constructed illegally. To this end PCS will be investigating the potential of decommissioning one or more superfluous fire trail and using these to develop a downhill tracks or ‘slope style’ courses:
    • to include jumps and stunts;
    • to have little environmental impact;
    • to reduce the pressure for this type of trail here and elsewhere;
    • this trail(s) may or may not be within the Bruce Ridge reserve.

    Q. What about young adults building jump type arrangements in Bruce Ridge?
    A. Dirt jumps are not being considered for Bruce Ridge. A dirt jump park is planned for Yerrabi Ponds in Gungahlin and for Stromlo Forest Park.
  5. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    Bump this up...
    Hope to see Canberra mountain bikers represent here tonight!
  6. Bucket Master

    Bucket Master Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    Excellent meeting last night. The new group Friends of Bruce Ridge has now been formed and information and discussion can be found at the following site (though there is not too much there just yet)


  7. Blingerific

    Blingerific Likes Dirt

    Fahn that was quick setup :) 16 Apr seems so far away...

  8. No Skid Marks

    No Skid Marks Blue Mountain Bikes Brooklyn/Lahar/Kowa/PO1NT Raci

    I went out riding "they call me Bruce" for the first time today. Nice tracks, pretty flowy, not very challenging, and unnecessarily close to some trees,and too smooth(chuck some logs over the tracks to prevent erosion), but otherwise great fun. Good mix of ups and downs.
    Who the hell built the wooden ramp to drop to flat on a perfectly good jump to flat jump? What an eye sore and waste of time, pull it apart and make it a down ramp for chumps to just roll over the jump.
    The place needs a bit of love on the erosion side of things, not much, and a bit more trail blocking and tree avoiding work, and I'll happily help, but seeing as I'm an out of towner, I'll keep my effort to just erosion control, and maybe rebuilding some of the little burms I'd seen that had swallowed a few front wheels by letting them roll over the top.
    In short, nice work trail fairies, and thanks. Sorry I missed your meeting, I tried to make it to help with numbers, but was just too late.
    Such a shame they want to close tracks, the more tacks, the less wear they all get, providing they're all built well, and I guess this is why some will be shut.
    Hopefully lend a hand on the 16th.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
  9. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    Thanks - might get a chance to add some more to the FoBR site over the weekend.
  10. Bucket Master

    Bucket Master Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

    Bruce Ridge Trail Assessment (16 April) & Trail Maintenance/Building Workshop (7 May)

    Bruce Ridge Trail Assessment

    Time: April 16, 2011 from 8:30am to 12pm
    Location: Bruce Ridge
    Meet at: AIS Carpark/Underpass between Bruce Ridge and Canberra Stadium
    Park at: AIS Carpark (East Canberra Stadium)

    The first on the ground workshop for Friends of Bruce Ridge. We will be walking and riding all of the trails on Bruce Ridge, assessing their suitability and making some recommendations on what trails stay, what go and what work needs to be undertaken.

    See the draft criteria to be used at the Friends of Bruce Ridge discussion page - http://fobr.prophpbb.com

    Parks and Conservation service will provide morning tea

    Trail Maintenance/Building Workshop

    Time: May 7, 2011 from 8am to 12pm
    Location: Bruce Ridge
    Meet at: AIS Carpark/Underpass between Bruce Ridge and Canberra Stadium
    Park at: AIS Carpark (East Canberra Stadium)
    My phone number: 0434 612 011
    Ride/Event Type: trail, maintenance/building, workshop
    Ride/Event Organiser: Friends of Bruce Ridge

    The first in a series of training workshops in Trail Maintenance/Building to help people interested in helping at Bruce Ridge (and else where) to get first hand experience from professional trail builders.

    This will involve getting dirty so bring your work clothes and the odd tool!

    More information can be found at the Friends of Bruce Ridge discussion page - http://fobr.prophpbb.com
  11. No Skid Marks

    No Skid Marks Blue Mountain Bikes Brooklyn/Lahar/Kowa/PO1NT Raci

    Bump for numbers.
    I've taken the day off work, look forward to seeing all the tracks and helping out.
  12. Blingerific

    Blingerific Likes Dirt

    And the survey is done... well, the looking at the trails bit is anyway! Now to think and decide the way forward, but all up I think the network will go well :eek:

    Now for 07 May :D
  13. No Skid Marks

    No Skid Marks Blue Mountain Bikes Brooklyn/Lahar/Kowa/PO1NT Raci

    Sorry I couldn't make it. Didn't get out of work after all.
    I hope the flowy downhilly bit's not get closed. Variety is the spice of life;)
    I'm in Canberra again wnesday if there's any work being done. Or is that way to advanced?
  14. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    Removal of Northshore on DH Track

    There was a general consensus following the trail assessment last weekend that the northshore which recently appeared at the top of the DH track presents too great a risk to riders (in addition to being an illegal construction). It was agreed that we would offer those responsible for the construction the first option to remove the northshore.

    Personally, I am really keen to keep a fun little DH track like this going (either in BR or nearby), but stuff like this will see all the really fun tracks shut down.

    If you (or someone you know) built this northshore at Bruce Ridge, can you please PM me or reply here to discuss the removal. Otherwise, I'll head out to post a more formal removal notice (attached below).

    View attachment Northshore Removal.doc
  15. No Skid Marks

    No Skid Marks Blue Mountain Bikes Brooklyn/Lahar/Kowa/PO1NT Raci

    I was out there at dusk, and the above has since been made safer, and more fun. The ramp has not been removed(although this would probably be better), but has been made into a down ramp, and had a dirt down-ramp added to the end of it.
    Now looks like a fun option, that nearly everyone could ride, and the more skilled should be able to jump over the wooden ramp.
    I really like this track, it is the most fun out there that I've found, and with some better erosion protection should easily be maintainable. I don't think tracks like this should be shut, as others will just be made by kids otherwise.
    I'm happy to go fix up some of the erosion, and would love to remove the wooden structures, although not sure it's my place to, and the adjustments to the top jump are probably better with the wood there, otherwise it'll just be a big double jump, that nearly nobody would ride.
    Added wooden structures are not needed on tracks like these, and will get the tracks closed down. Please save it for private property, and if you want to ride skinnies, just ride along a fricken gutter, if you need the fear of getting hurt if you fall off, do it next to the freeway ;) and as for wrecking a jump that'd throw you as high as the stupid north-shore pictured, what's the point. If you don't have the skill to do the jump(or the Kahoonas), then don't wreck it for those that could by putting some crap north-shore in.
    end rant.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2011
  16. No Skid Marks

    No Skid Marks Blue Mountain Bikes Brooklyn/Lahar/Kowa/PO1NT Raci

    Can somebody with a GPS app on their I-Phone map out the tracks that are staying, and post it on here please.
  17. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    If you get onto the FoBR forums, there is a map of all the roads, trails and tracks in BR. From the trails assessment last weekend, recommendations are being made by the groups who assessed the various areas. Some spots will be recommended for maintenance, while others may be recommended for closure. As far as I know, no firm decisions have yet been made to close any trails.
  18. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    First Trail Working Bee this Saturday (7 May)

    The first of many trail maintenance days at Bruce Ridge is happening this Saturday.

    8am - 12pm, Saturday 7 May 2011
    Meet tunnel from the AIS car park. (subject to change depending on priority of works)

    Following the assessment on the 16 April we have prioritised some trails which need the most urgent attention.
  19. EzyLee

    EzyLee Likes Dirt

  20. Kramer

    Kramer FoBR

    It never rains, it only pours!
    (Damn you SFP and TVE - we had ours booked first!)

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