Buxton and Lake Mountain Thread

Discussion in 'Victoria' started by Big JD, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    Buxton's redone work is sexual. Major props to whoever organised and worked on it
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  2. The Duckmeister

    The Duckmeister Eats Squid

    Yup, official word posted on the usual outlets today that the park is now closed for the winter. Re-opening date is scheduled for September 22nd, but that can be delayed if the weather is shit.
  3. wkkie

    wkkie Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Buxton is a great place. Looking forward to getting back there late in the year!
  4. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    Buxton is opening this weekend! ... according to their FB page.

    Worth a ride especially if you haven't been on it since Dirt Art did some work on it early this year
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  5. sane

    sane Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Happy days. Thanks for the heads up
  6. Sethius

    Sethius Crashed out somewhere

    Posts gone? Or has fb gone down the road of not showing posts in chronological order?
  7. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    Comes up as first post for me

    Few month old post but they're usually good with sticking to their dates.
  8. wkkie

    wkkie Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I remember seeing a post about it recently. I think it was from someone form parks, and they said they were still on track for the September 22 opening.

    But I can't find that post.... Looking forward to getting out there again though!
  9. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    Got a message from them confirming its opening on Saturday.

    Who's in!?!?!?!
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  10. wkkie

    wkkie Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Good to go! There will be a few heading up on Monday the 8th if there's any mid week riders interested.
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  11. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Hopefully heading out to Buxton for the first time early tomorrow morning.
    Say G'day if you see my bright orange bike getting around!
  12. northvanguy

    northvanguy Likes Dirt

    Did anyone get out there this weekend? Any feedback?

    Thinking Friday...

  13. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Yeah, I got out very early on Saturday morning. Trails are awesome, very flowing and minimal damage or braking bumps, so smooth.
    Cathedral track was a little slick in places and watch out for the 'green' clay! Had a couple of moments lol. But likely now gone with the amount of traffic it had on the weekend.

    The track down the valley of ferns 'spider valley' i think, was still a little damp but not too bad. Great track.

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  14. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    This Saturday's weather looks like it's going to be pretty damn good.

    Thinking of hitting up Buxton and rounding up a few burners as per @Chriso_29er 's idea

    Thoughts on setting off at 11 (get there 10.30ish to unpack, meet n greet, fap over bikes) then do a lap of what covers almost all the new sections Dirt Art worked on, then decide which trails to hit up again. Probably 3-4 hours all up.
    You can see below in my pov red outline.

    For those who haven't done Buxton, it's a very cruisy climb and descent. 3 small to large gap jumps to hit at your leisure but a lot of nice berms and some tabletops.

    Tag anyone who you think would be interested in coming.

  15. kbekus

    kbekus Likes Dirt

    I did a single lap of #2 with my children on Thursday last week, the loop was smooth, clear and riding really well. Encountered a quite large tiger snake at the bottom of Spider Gully and (unrelated) no toilet paper in the loo so bring your own.
  16. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    If you go past the turnoff to the road that leads to Buxton MTB Park, a few seconds later there is a public loo (next to a park or oval) which is very clean with ample toilet paper haha
  17. beeb

    beeb Likes Dirt

    Good idea - I would be interested, but am working that day. Another time!
  18. rsclio

    rsclio Likes Dirt

    I donated a roll on Friday
  19. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Unfortunately I'm full up with family commitments for around the next month. Only opportunity for me will be very early morning (I know not everyones cup a tea).
    Might be able to give you a thumbs up on the hwy as I head back to town :(

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