"Can I see some ID mate?....."

Are you.....

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Lives in a hole
Bite me bitch!!! Show us a photo of you then!

Note: I do have a copy of the photo where I chopped out the ugliness.

Do you recognise her though?


Lives in a hole
Geez mate, your missus looks a bit like a man, tell her to grow her hair long. You're pretty though.... :twisted:

Um, hint, she's on telly. I don't think I'll say, better judgement got the better of me, don't want to offend anyone.

Moving on....


Gee, where did yer phot go!!! I was only kidding :roll:
Don't be put off by my great looks :lol:
Who was it U were with.
(and wouldn't you be more worried if I said you looked good!?)


Lives in a hole
Hahaha, yeah I spose I would. I got rid of the photo, it wasn't exactly bike related so I figure hosting it here isn't exactly fair and it was very nice of her to let me get the photo, I probably shouldn't go plastering it all over the net.


Likes Bikes
I should have kept the little Barbie bike, I seem to have caused a kerfuffle here !

Josh, you know you love it :)

Simo, decided to be a bit tasteful... but if the majority wants it ! tee hee