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Hi all,
I have a paid holiday trip coming up in June to cape town
Does anyone have any experience with riding over there ?
Is it safe to bring your own bike ?
If i do decide to ride i will most likely go on a guided tour. But is it worth the effort to bring your own bike or do any sort of riding over there



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I've go no riding experience but it looked a great place to ride (I was there in 2010) all the trails I've seen on line look pretty good. I'd take my bike if it was insured ;) I'm sure you'd be able to hire a decent bike if it was a day or two more than that I'd bring my own.


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Cape Town has awesome trails! I did a little thread on them when I was there a few years back. Hire options are good though, and travel with a bike plus security would need to be well thought out, so unless you are spending weeks there I'd just go the easy route and pick one up in country.


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Heaps of great trails around Cape Town. Wellington, Jonkershoek Stellenbosch, Tokai - too many to mention. Security is fine if you are sensible - do not leave bike in the car, anywhere out of sight, locked on the street etc.

Cape Town is amazing, you'll love it. I lived there (quite a long time ago now) and have been back a couple of times since so feel free to ask any questions.


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I lived there for a few years - well in Stellenbosch. This was a few years ago now, so there might be new trails etc. But my tips would be the following 3 which are near to CT. There is so much more, but depending on your time and transport options, these will get you going:

1. Jonkershoek - amazing place to ride, fantastic selection of trails. Talk to these guys for hire and tips:

2. Stellenbosch itself - Coetzenberg was recently done up for the world cup XCO - its a fun course and has some really great features. You can also link up to the infamous G-spot trail (youtube it), and Paradayskloof/Eden which I think now extends out pretty far (might need a guide) chat these guys: about Stellenbosch rides and tours.

Also Dirtopia (just outside Stellies) has some good trails and hire I believe

3. Contermanskloof/Tygerberg - closer to Cape Town -

Day trips to Wellington, Elgin, Greyton, Paarl etc can also reap rewards too! Tokai/Table Mountain trails I never got to, it burnt down while I was there, pretty sure its rebuilt though.

Safety is generally fine in all those places - once you are in them. I rode mostly alone in all those places. But leaving bike visible and unattended is asking for trouble.


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Tokai is back. Just remembered the trails I rode in Wellington - Welvanpas trails. They were seriously good. Also just over the pass is Baines Kloof, just a beautiful spot.


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I rode the Table Mountain trails, but it was about 12 years ago and memories are hazy. I did have fun though, and table mountain and Cape Town in general are just stunning. The most picturesque city I've visited.

The dangers of SA are often exaggerated. Shit happens of course, but largely you'll be in a car and you wouldn't leave your bike unattended in many places in Oz either. I wandered around Cape Town on my own plenty of times without feeling unsafe.

Jo'burg is a little rougher, but again, after a few days with the locals you'll forget about it.

Africa is bloody amazing, make the most of it. while you're there.


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thanks fellas. Looks like I'll be taking my bike along then .
Any idea where they filmed this
I ride a tallboy too :) but don't ride like Greg


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I think that's from the 2016 Epic (which I did but got sick on the 2nd stage - boo)
I think that's probably a bit of a highlights package of the whole event but pretty sure at least some of it would be Welvanpas. I think the steep descent Greg on the video still is probably Tulbagh near Cederberg, I puked my way up there before pulling out at the aid station.

Just reminded me - most if not all trails in the Cape operate on a permit system of some sort. Most are on private land and will be $2-$5 for a day permit.