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Ordered a couple of rotors and some bits on the 5th, arrived on the 13th. No tracking. No advice. Miracle post.


Every big purchase I've made has been delivered fast with excellent tracking, until it's reaches Singapore that is.

What's going on there, it's like a delivery black hole.
Placed an order on the 6/3/16 and still not here 10 days later. No tracking information on Skynet either. So 7 working days, I'll give it 10, then start jumping up and down.
Same experience here too. Skynet are no DHL by anyones standard. Ordered on 3/3, Shipped 3/3. I had expected to receive it on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest however as at Monday still no tracking info. Emailed CRC to find out what was going on and was told parcel was definitely in transit. Checked Skynet tracking on Wednesday to find there was finally info to say it had left UK. Emailed CRC again only to be told the same info available on the Skynet website. Friday morning I checked the tracking website again - still in transit and not yet in destination country. Then at 12:45 on Friday 11/3 when I'm just about to head out the door to Mt Buller the parcel arrives!!! Very glad it arrived before I left as I really needed some of the parts to complete a 7 Speed conversion on the DH Bike but I wasn't impressed with the lack of tracking info or the speed of delivery. Friday evening checked the tracking info and still nothing new. Checked again on Monday to find that the delivery compete status was now showing on the tracking website. On Monday evening I emailed CRC again to let them know I had finally received my order on Friday, provided them with some feedback regarding the performance of Skynet and suggested that they revert to DHL for International Express parcels. On Tuesday I got an email back from CRC thanking me for the feedback but no solution for the substandard (when compared to DHL) performance of their new carrier service.


With Chain reaction and skynet, you have to take the last 3digits off the tracking number, and only then will it give you the tracking info.


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These skynet fuckers are useless. I paid for express.. instead I'm getting some bloke in a dodgey KIA van with a courier sticker on his door trying to deliver my packages to work at 6pm*.

Ordered 11th, attempted 16th @6pm which should really count as another working day so the 17th.

I might as well have selected free shipping. Not happy.


*that's what I'm picturing vs the professional DHL system.


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Not me but a mate bought a Dura Ace chainset for his roadie Last Thursday.
Rocked up yesterday. Standard postage.

Pretty good i think.


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Well, shouldn't have been too quick to dish skynet.. Ordered from CRC Monday, arrived today. 4 business days.
Even though their tracking says it's still in the UK ..


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Had a missed delivery from them this morning thanks to me sending to my default address which is a parcel locker, that couriers cant deliver to. Australian agent is Toll so try putting your tracking numbers in there. Emailed skynet directly before i worked out who to talk to here and had a response with in a few hours and pretty much right on 8am local time.


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Been ordering from wiggle and crc for a bit and have learned that express means fk all with them, the processing time is the same, your still in a cue of 1000 other orders and the shipping time is no faster, same service really

If i order CRC or wiggle i just do free and more often than not its here in <10 days

Now Merlin cycles, that's another story, express seems to get here <=5 days where as standard is similar to a CRC order


Today, day 12, ordered on the 6th, 10 working days later and still not here. So much for their 5-7 working days for delivery.