COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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Someone’s who’s wife is senior in the health department sent it to us around 6pm. Still, wait till the words leave Dan’s mouth.
Herald sun, the age and the Australian all have their take on it now.. Still all quite speculative tbh. That message doing the rounds isn’t new, it has been re-hashed from previous.. Either way blind Freddy can see harder restrictions of some sort are coming and they most likely will do fk all as is the case elsewhere in the world where this wide spread community transmission.. Just got to suck it up till spring/summer..


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...this is doing the rounds on facebook, reddit not read too much into it imo. there will be restrictions but this is all speculative atm...wait until tomorrow.
Media circulation of lies is enough in itself to kick off panic buying.
Beat the panic buy rush by doing a pre-panic buy up, you can then pretend you are not panic buying.
I suggest meat and the panic buyers #1 target of bog roll :)


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Will be very interesting to see if they announce business closures without another round of workers grants (Job keeper/seeker/whatever). Can't see the Trades Unions in particular being happy about their workforces stood down and members not being paid for 6 weeks


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The state of Victoria, Australia announced further restrictions after 671 new cases were confirmed overnight, placing Melbourne under a strict “Stage 4” lockdown and regional Victoria under Stage 3 lockdown, as well as declaring a “state of disaster”. Under stage 4 restrictions, residents will be allowed out of their houses to exercise or shop within a 5km radius. A curfew will be put in place between 8pm and 5am. The restrictions are set to be in place for six weeks.
Well there you go!

A curfew! No-one saw that coming...