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boys just a heads up... berm track has another tree down, with its highest point about 2ft of the ground, its towords the end, (in sequence) log steps, then 3 berms, then sprint to small gap, (it cought me out) but its after the small gap, i have put a dead tree over the small gap, because i hit the small gap on my HT and almost KO'ed my self with the fallen tree, and with the added rain might still be slippery on the DH bikes, so just watch out for that boys :)

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yeh good idea posting that duggy. im probly gunna head up tomoz and make some thing out of it. (jump or something like that.) anyone planning on going up then?


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Scoped out the berm track after reading about the down tree. Looks like its going to be another good addtion to the track. It is just growing and growing. Always been a great place to ride when the dirt is nice and tacy!


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Yeh unless you've got a decent set of tires it's pretty nasty. Went up about a week ago on a dry day and the mud just stuck to my minions leaving me with about 3 mm of grip, slid off a few times and ended up hugging a tree which was fun :D
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Well everyone, there's a pretty high chance our beloved doony is going down the shitter!

Saw some yarra ranges council cars there the other day, and have received word from a credible source that its gonna be torn up and turned into a proper park/replanted etc, etc.