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The further that damper sophistication progresses, the less impact kinematics influence how a bike performs.

Not saying that kinematics doesn't matter, but you'll struggle to find a bad review of the Kona Process single-pivot frame.

There is, however, no way to look at that A-Line frame & not think it looks awful.


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Nothin wrong with that bike, I would ride it any day of the week.
Thanks mate but its only a kona with no motor, sigh.

This thread has got me 'researching' ebike in all their forms and I find a common thread to much of the propaganda. This common thread is centered around not needing registration or a licence to ride and these are advertised as positive points to riding a ebike and some of the ebikes are blatantly designed to look like a petrol powered bikes. Many creators of these machines are openly saying how they bypass existing laws or that as a result of being too powerful are deemed legally off-road use only. These people are creating cool machines and i'll admit that electric power is a future proof source of energy.

However, I think the way these 'pioneers' are portraying and advertising their machines and the way their customers are using them will end up forcing the legislators to create controls and laws over their appropriate use in particular areas, their design, safety standards etc. All these will need to be brought up to standards to protect the consumer.

Back yard band saw builders will end up needing to certify their creations with an engineer just like any car or motorbike modifier does now. This needs to happen!


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That's ideal. I'm a B.Eng (Mech/elec).

A review. Lol. Bike magazine writers do calculus now?

typical of an engineer, spruking up your genius status, you arrogant condescending wanker. spent your life in a lecture hall boning up on theory in books, go get a trade, discover the real world.

apologies to the engineers who just get on with it without the resume and self recommendation.


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Thing is: I don't see you welding any of your own frames, let alone shotblasting and gluing up composites. You sure you wanna make that call?

If facts and logic draw more butt hurt from you than a guy pushing batteries into his own dog's turds I think it's time to reassess your values.

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It's like arguing over religion, so fuck it. Heres my 99c

I was keen to give one a go, purely for shits and giggles. Untill this thread. What a load of bolocks. All those reviews posted earlier made it sound like a crappy, underpowered version of my 525, mixed with a heavy, unresponsive mtb of old (handling wise, not how many kilawasps you put out turning the cranks).

Let it die.


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......fuckin hell. what a fuckin wank this thread has turned into
Yeah, the only thing that's stopping me from shutting it down is the faint hope that it's contributing to an outcome where both camps eventually work out how to best co-exist.

And also that I couldn't be fucked dealing with the inevitable accusations of censorship, etc etc


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Yeah, the only thing that's stopping me from shutting it down is the faint hope that it's contributing to an outcome where both camps eventually work out how to best co-exist.

And also that I couldn't be fucked dealing with the inevitable accusations of censorship, etc etc
I understand that for sure... and as much as this thread winds me up, I think it’s not a bad thing to polarise the good from the bad… to remind us what we are up against.

Let’s face it, our degree qualified member is a troll, as he is only interested in head butting... there can be no two way meaningful dialogue with him. It seems like he is more interested in upping his status with his e-group by being the he-man here.

But in the end this is a mountain bike forum, for mountain bike riders who actually pedal, where nobody uses a motor, it's just pedal power in its purest... so it's a pretty significant thing whether we mountain bike riders have to even consider co-existing on the same mountain bike trails, with the e-knobs.

If it was only low powered low mass e-pedelec bikes for the infirm or impaired with not a massive performance differentiation between them and real mountain bikes, then it may be possible.

But the die-hard e-brigade are not about low powered… they are about more and more and more. They are degree qualified engineers who want to develop more of this and develop more of that. What they really want is a silent trail bike... but don’t want to ride it on trail bike trails… where they would be hopelessly outclassed by actual trail bikes with actual power… they would rather ride on mountain bike trails, where they can skedaddle sheepishly off into the distance, whenever someone who is pedalling realises what just passed them.

For instance… I’ve seen bikes like this at Lysty many times now… they are not there to do the shuttle thing, that is bullshit, they are just simply thrashing around mountain bike tracks because they can get away with it.

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I mean is this thing 200watts or 250watts?… I reread the retort a few times and couldn’t make out what was he was on about… but, I doubt it is so low powered. OK, benefit of the doubt, if it is only 200/250watts, it must be slow as hell as it’s gotta weight a friggin’ ton. The e-motor in the rear wheel screams massive unsprung weight… let alone the batteries in the frame spar. So, 250watts to power that thing? Yeah right.

If they rode on trail bike trails or on their own e-trails, it would be fine… we could co-exist as we would be in parallel universes… but that is clearly not happening, as I’ve seen them with my own eyes on mountain bike only trails … and they are not hanging about, they are gunning it.

Alas, they are a cancer…


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Hearing a lot of hate from you guys. But co-existence on the same trail is possible with the right etiquette.

You have all driven cars - Right?
None of you have run down a road cyclist - Right?

By calling the safety and legislative card on e-bikes is like saying that bicycles have no place on the road from a motorists perspective. They don't pay rego so should fuck off. The simple fact of the matter is that we should all give a bit to preserve the basic right to recreate as we all choose. I promise not to run down a bike while in my car and the cyclist promises to ride considerately of the traffic around them. Same goes for e-bikes on trails.

Same as the MTB guys being up against walkers on trails. I'm sure you all give way to those hippies. Same with a powered vs pedal bike. Basic god-dam manners

So if you get a chance to give one a go. See it from the other side. You may really like it. It's not like putting cock in your mouth like some make it sound.


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Cyclists are injured and die on the road after being hit by cars on an all too regular basis.

Reckon you might want to look for a different analogy, mate.


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Same with a powered vs pedal bike. Basic god-dam manners
Encounters with electric motorbikes on trails = 2. Number of times the above has happened = 0.
Encounters with electric motorbikes on bike paths = venturing into every other workday. Number of times the above has happened = 0.

I find myself apologising to pedestrians for the actions of e-tards. Which is kind of shit.

Walk the walk, as a community - like people powered bicycle riders have had to for many years (and still do - trail access is never guaranteed) to even get MTB trails made a legal thing.

I really fail to understand why it's so hard to just head to the state forest and go nuts on electric motorbikes. it's not like there's a shortage of trail out there...
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