Enduro dh stage race 11/10/09 1.5h north Brisso


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G'day rotorburners, here's my first post.

Thanks to all involved in establishing the Garapine trails, staging and assisting with this event and posting the video clips.

I was the old fart having a crack and was handed a lesson in mtb!

After a great year or two on the bike with podiums in category for Epic 08, Tre-x 08-09 short course series, Bribie Multi-sport and the Dirty Duo, I thought it was time to push the envelope and try something different- result: 18th in category, near to last overall and missing some skin (but chicks dig scars, don't they?). I had Jas Blackmore then Pete Wilson following so they swallowed me up (and in high flying style) well before the end of Test 1.

I had a ball and as usual for mtb events, the atmosphere and camaraderie were great. I hardly knew anyone- a different crowd from my usual events!- but was made very welcome. Thanks again.
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Grave dig time....

Does anyone have any pics from this event. The very first Enduro in Australia, nearly 10 years ago.