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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Jaskel, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    Hey guys, I have my hardcore Team Giant for my big hit downhilling but now I have a near 1 year old so I wanna get a cruiser for fanging around the streets, bit of fitness and maybe a trailer with my boy in the back...im thinking of one of these Fluid bikes from Anaconda, nothing major, just a cruiser, hit a small jump, maybe some small drops and bush trails...has anyone experienced the Fluid brand??

    I know its not a kona or Giant but im not going to be hitting it hard so something that is specced ok but priced well is what i am looking for and the fluid looks pretty good...let me know what ya reckon? I dont want the "if u pay 300 more get a...." or fluid sucks cause its not a Kona BS

    Just some honest opinions guys



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  2. i like dirt

    i like dirt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Basically if you've visited a store you may have been explained that fluid is made exclusively for Anaconda. So Fluid is the Anaconda home brand. They're pretty much below average for most things and if you are going to be riding trails of any sort it is really worth spending the extra money to get a Giant, etc.

    if you want any more info on them just ask, I work at an Anaconda store.
  3. Baileys

    Baileys Banned

    Oh my you are misguided they BOTH suck ;)
  4. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    ok cool...thnaks dude..yeah I will be mainly riding paths, poppin wheelies, riding firetrails...anything hardcore ill use my DH rig...

    I havnt spoken to anyone at Anaconda about em...just initial looking right now
  5. RYDA

    RYDA Likes Bikes and Dirt

  6. Zyphryss

    Zyphryss Breaker of the unbreakable

    Much better putting your money into a LBS. I've had so many repairs for poorly built Fluid's come in it's scary :eek: P.S. Not saying Anaconda is a bad shop, but for bikes, nothing beats a real bike shop!
  7. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    yeah LBS is the way to go....like i said..just initial looking...maybe one of you Anaconda guys can get me a staff discount ;)
  8. i like dirt

    i like dirt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    If it's for what you've said there, it should be ok. Anything more won't be too good, even riding one on fire trails is pushing it.

    Wooooo. They are quite handy.
  9. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    roger that
  10. AngoXC

    AngoXC Wheel size expert

    Used to work at Anaconda and I thought the Fluid bikes wernt to bad. Anaconda's home brands are all a budget alternative to the usual brands so one must expect that as such but you still get reasonable equipment levels on their bikes (for the price) and a solid frame (with warrenties etc).

    I do agree that you will get a better deal with a Giant or something but I cant see you having any issues with a Fluid bike.

    My $0.02 mate
  11. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    thanks for the feedback champ...yeah like i said, ill check anaconda and also my LBS...nothin but a cruiser...dont think one of those baby trailers would look any good on my DH bike..lol

    What bikes u guys recommend from the LHS...keep in mind I want a basic street cruiser...not a 1K bike.
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  12. Fisher

    Fisher Likes Bikes and Dirt

    One of the low end Giants?
    Boulders are cheap aren't they?

    Also Avanti has a few bikes for around 400 bucks i think...
  13. Josh Seksy

    Josh Seksy Likes Bikes and Dirt

    no, we dont, their terrible. ( i work at anaconda too)
  14. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    haha dicounts eh...only so much fishing gear u can use ;)
  15. Matt H

    Matt H Eats Squid

    ITT: great anaconda ambassadors.
  16. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    I was loking at the Fluid Tantrum..pretty good specd bike for the $$ the only worry i have is im 6'2" and the tantrum only comes in 1 size...its about a med..so im a little worried its too small!!

    Hows the best way to measure for the right size?

    Next q...any Anaconda workers in Syd wanna get me a good price...ill chuck in a case of beer for you!! PM ME!
  17. Rider15

    Rider15 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    If it was me I go to an lbs and see about getting a low end giant or what ever brand they sell. That way if something does go wrong it IS a proper bike shop so the quality of the work should be better and also getting parts if something breaks etc should be much easier.
  18. Jaskel

    Jaskel Likes Dirt

    i did that..didnt really like any of the low end giants...under specced for the $$

    the parts for the fluid are pretty good, alot of name parts so a LBS wouldnt have a prob servicing it
  19. fil

    fil Squid

    Sorry i have no comment on the Fluid quality, but I have just gone through the cheap bike exprience with my GF and thought I would share.

    As it was for her birthday and she is not a big rider I thought I would end up buying her a Cell or a Fluid, (seem like good cheap bikes well suited to what she needs). However after pricing out the above it seemed cheaper to buy a base model Giant from the LBS.

    Lower end Giants are so cheap these days (quess thats what happens when you pump out bikes like they do) and you buy with confidence of a good waranty.

    I must qualify that I didnt get into negotiations with the fluid and cell bike people, so it is possible that they would of sold them cheaper.
  20. i like dirt

    i like dirt Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Just being honest...
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