Formula One world championship


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No official word yet. Nothing like the media misreporting... .McLaren pulled out as someone on their team was sick. Lewis Hamilton was questioning why the F1 is going ahead. Gates are open and cars are driving around this morning.




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Surprised the MotoGP bike is that close to be honest. Bloody impressive for about 1/10th the tyre contact patch and bugger-all aero.
That close? 27 seconds is close? Lewis would lap Marc not long into lap 3.

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Those Mercs are hitting cornering speeds hitherto unseen in F1 to date, I reckon...the change in direction... (cued video below):

Violent right-left at 285km/h...


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the ferraris are redder than ever. the safety car is redder than ever, and the flags are red red red.

and on a happy side note - young aussie oscar piastri took the formula 3 title last night. so many winners and good racing in that series this year. Helps that its at a more family friendly timeslot too.
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