DJ Ibis Ripmo v2


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Frame Ibis Ripmo XL, fresh from @beeb breaking her in
Rear shock Fox X2, 2019 model, 145mm rear travel
Front shock/fork Rockshox Pike A1, 2014, 140mm revised to 160mm travel, non-Boost
Handlebars Thomson Flat XC, 740mm
Stem Thomson, 31.8mm x 60mm
Headset Works Components, 1.5 degree offset
Grips ODI Rogue, polished, lock on
Saddle WTB Silverado, mid spec
Seatpost Fox Transfer, 31.6 x 150mm
Front brake Shimano XT8000, 180mm rotor
Rear brake Shimano XT8000, 160mm rotor
Cranks SRAM GX, 11 speed, polished, non-Boost, 30t (just fits, couple of mil clearance but enough)
Chain Shimano 11-speed, XT level (I think)
Pedals Shimano XT Trail
Rear derailleur Shimano XTR 11-speed
Rear shifter Shimano XT 8000 11-speed
Cassette Shimano XT 11-speed
Front hub Hope Pro4, non-Boost
Rear hub Hope Pro4, non-Boost, Boostinator conversion
Front rim Light Bicycle carbon, 24mm internal width, 32 hole
Rear rim Light Bicycle carbon, 24mm internal width, 32 hole
Spokes DT Swiss Competition, DB
Nipples DT Swiss
Tyres Maxxis Minion DHF 2.3 front, Maxxis Minion SS 2.3 rear
Others Specialised bottle cage, OneUp pump/toolkit, Mudhugger front fender, Backcountry Research tube strap
Total weight Dunno - maybe 13kg all kitted out?

Version 2 because version 1 was the same frame in blue/orange built for my mate, also courtesy of @beeb.

Wasn't intending to obtain this frame now but I asked SWMBO & she said yes :eek: Who am I to look a gift horse...

The build kit is odd, all carried over from the Ripley & I was going to build the Ripmo with a 150mm fork & non-offset headset but here I am.

The weather sucks (in a good way) so I've not had a chance to take it on the trails yet but with the 140mm fork plus the offset headset there are two things going on:
  1. The wheelbase sits 10mm longer than OEM (160mm fork)
  2. The BB height sits 17mm lower than OEM (down at 329mm, which is loooow)
I've got a set of blinging Raceface Next SL cranks I could have fitted, but (a) they are 175mm and being carbon, really shouldn't be smacked into shit and (2) I don't have a BSA threaded BB for the 30mm spindle.

I did, however, have a set of ratty old GX 11 speed cranks knocking about so I took to them with a Dremel, sandpaper & Meguiars metal polish to give a polished alloy with black frame look, which suits the wheelset perfectly. And they are 170mm, giving me precious clearance.

God knows, this might be a disasterous combination but I can always grab a Cane Creek Hellbender standard headset for just over $100 and throw a Debonair 160mm air shaft in the fork if it doesn't work.

I always wanted to build the Ripmo as a trail bike anyway, keep the front end low(er) and the weight down. These frames are normally paired with wider rims and at least a 2.5 front tyre so I'm already going a touch racier as it is. For me, I loved the Ripley but that rear end was a touch flexy & certainly didn't like repeated high speed hits. And was also "old school" geo...but I got on with it well. I just found it a little hard to let the brakes go & allow it to go loose on the hairier descents.

Anyway, blah blah blah here are some pics:




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Very nice BikesAndStereo....very, very noice.
The Ripmo is such an awesome frame. There's a real sweet spot at the "Trail" end of the Enduro bike spectrum (IYKWIM)....and the Ripmo is right there. It's the everyday enduro bike.

I reckon this would be perfect for it - both aesthetically and to better match the mega-super-uber shock on the back(??):



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I won't get that past SWMBO! I'm confident the Debonair air shaft will marry up nicely anyway. The Pike is still a nice fork, maybe not as stiff as one would want for an enduro bike but that's not what I'm building.

It came down to this (Ripmo) or Ripley v4, I decided I could dumb down a Ripmo and grow into it.

And the Ripmo is still the king:
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A mate of mine has a blinged up Ripmo and from the few times he's allowed me to ride it I'd certainly say that it's the best "all mountain" bike I've been on. Can handle just about every type of trail.
Yours looks ace so hope it keeps you having fun


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I agree with B-A-B, the Ripmo is the bike most Enduro bro’s should have. It’s the bike I want!
Longer travel and genuine pedalling ability, yes please

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I won't get that past SWMBO! I'm confident the Debonair air shaft will marry up nicely anyway. The Pike is still a nice fork, maybe not as stiff as one would want for an enduro bike but that's not what I'm building.
I thought 150mm was as far as the Pike 29" could go? This was due to bushing overlap. Anyway, that's a lovely looking bike, fingers crossed it's not too low.


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Great looking Ripmo - enjoy! Ready for the Nthn Beaches now!

Love the first shot with the flat bars and no brakes, shifter, dropper, etc. Looks so pimp all bare like that!


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Normally, when someone asks me what bike I’d recommend for them, I start off by asking a series of questions to start narrowing things down. What sort of rider are you? What terrain are you normally riding on? Now, I just skip all that getting to know you business and just say, “Get yourself a Ripmo.” Retiring from XC racing? Get a Ripmo. Former DH racer? Ripmo. Recovering roadie? Same answer.


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Got ‘er dirty!
Comments copied from IG:

New bike day! Impressions so far.
. Feels slack & relatively ponderous on flat tarmac, but once on the trail comes alive
. Front end is too low, by about 10-15mm, which coincidently would be fixed with a 160mm air shaft
. BB height is a non-issue, but I’m running the 140mm fork at 20% sag & am not seeing full travel
. the steep seat tube makes little sense until you start climbing & then it makes all the sense
. boy oh boy does it climb well - so much stability & traction!
. it rips the downs but it will be better when I’ve dialled in the fork height & damper settings
. I can tell the X2 has so much potential but it’s not there yet
. the frame is laterally stiffer than the Ripley but I think the (light for a Ripmo) wheelset stops it being totally “hewn from solid” like my mate’s setup
. the drivetrain & brake build functioned perfectly (I must know what I’m doing )
. I bloody love it, this is certainly something super versatile that I can adapt & grow into
I’ll keep these cranks & sell the RF Next SLs to help fund the headset & air shaft change.

What a bike!