It's black like all the others, Wife won't notice.

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  1. Mywifesirrational

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    The secret to martial bliss is to ensure all frames / bikes are the same colour, that way there is no awkward questions about a new bike build.

    This bike has the worst spec per cost of any complete bike you can buy, but what is it?

    Frame - Rocky Mountain Slayer XL 2019
    Rear shock -Fox DHX2
    Front shock/fork -2019 Yari debonair (jammed an old school Fox Ti coil in there, with old Lyrik shaft and base plate)
    Handlebars - Renthal Fatbar Carbon 40mm rise
    Stem -Thomson 40mm
    Headset -FSA
    Grips -Oury slip on's
    Saddle -WTB Volt
    Seatpost -KS LEV Integra 175mm
    Front brake - Magura MT5 (HC1 levers), 203mm Storm sl rotor
    Rear brake - Magura MT5 (HC1 lever), 180mm storm sl rotor
    Cranks -Raceface Sixc 175mm (screw low BB's)
    Chainguide -Oneup? Built into stays, very tidy
    Chain -bling bling gold KMC X11 sl
    Pedals -XT trails / DMR vaults, depending on the day
    Rear derailleur -XTR mid cage
    Rear shifter -XTR
    Cassette -Hope 10 - 44t
    Front hub -Hope Pro4 straight pull
    Rear hub -Hope Pro4 straight pull
    Front rim -Stans Flow Mk3
    Rear rim -Stans Flow Mk 3
    Spokes -DT swiss Comps
    Nipples -DT swiss brass
    Tyres - HR2's, 2.5's, 3C mass terra
    Tubes -less
    Total weight - Not sure, 14.5kg by the feel of it

    slayer 2.jpg
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  2. hifiandmtb

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    A Yeti.
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  3. slowmick

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    Weren't you looking for a Rocky Mountain?
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  4. Ultra Lord

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  5. moorey

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  6. born-again-biker

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  7. hifiandmtb

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    RM has decent spec for the price, so does a Norco.
  8. Oddjob

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  9. moorey

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    I beg to least from Sights a couple of years ago.
  10. Andy_Ryder

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    All black bikes for the win.

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  11. Shredden

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    Don't get me wrong I love all black... But don't you reakon it shows up the scratches too much? Mind you my bikes are 6+ years old, so that's probably a bigger part of the problem. Still think I prefer silver everything for longevity.
  12. nzhumpy

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    Farkin Trance
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  13. Zaf

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    Unno!!! You absolute madman!!!
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  14. Dozer

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    Get fucked, you're off ya head.

    Evil bikes?
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  15. Mywifesirrational

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    Unno, jesus, didn't even consider pricing them with 2 kids in the house. I did have a close look at Nicolai, awesome frames, but not quite the geo I was after, and once I added in some extra cost for custom geo, it would have been the same geo as what I have ended up with, but at 30% more cost.

    I own a transition scout, awesomely fun bike, new patrol looked interesting (although too long), but wanted to trying something different.

    Nearly every other current bike was way to long, didn't want anything past 480mm reach, can't size down due to my inseam, so stuck with XL frames / length seat poles. Also wanted a short rear end, I don't give a shit about absolute speed or racing, just fun, so a short rear end facilitates that. Had a Rune in the basket, nearly bought one, My Rune V2 is still the best all round AM bike I have owned.

    Rockshox RT shock - absolute rubbish on an aggressive AM bike.
    10spd deore drive train, also absolute rubbish - nothing wrong with deore, but not 10spd on a 2019 frame at 6k is garbage.
    Deore m6000 brakes, certainly not rubbish, but not near enough power for me, also some idiot decided that a 180 rotor up front was a good spec (its an XL frame - presumably XL riders weigh more than s-m riders.)
    Raceface ride cranks, nice enough cheap cranks, if it was a 2-3k bike. Had to find a bloody isis / octo crank puller to get the buggers off.
    Wheelset is fine, albeit cheap. Deore centre lock hubs, yay, now if I want to run normal rotors I have to get some adapters.
    No name bar, stem and grips, I am sure they are fine, but I am a brand snob.
    Raceface Aeffect dropper and remote, actually they seem alright, but its not a LEV so in the bin they went.
    Rock shox Yari, decent fork, with lots of upgrade options, was happy with this. Although, those mail order brands, it would have been a Lyrik RC2 at less overall cost.

    So in the end, bike arrives, and everything is pulled off an tossed aside, but frame, forks and a cool volt saddle that says SLAYER. and total cost worked out at $200 less that the frame only option including the cost of a DHX2 on it, does anyone go frame only option for RM frames, seems insane to me.
  16. Zaf

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    Rocky Mountain have great price points!!
    I hear you can get them in bulk, free out of shipping containers.
  17. Mywifesirrational

    Mywifesirrational Eats Squid

    I bought 2 weeks to early!
  18. Ultra Lord

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    that spec for $6k is stupid. Unless I read that wrong and it wasn’t 6 grand? I dunno it’s abit tldr and I’m tired.

    6k for Deore level gear, give yourself an uppercut for supporting those that make such stupid, arseholey decisions. RM are dicks. No I’ve never looked at what transition charge for a complete. They’re probably just as bad in aus :/
    But that’s different.

    I hope the bike rides great and you love it.

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  19. Zaf

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    +1 to this, for THIS reason!
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  20. Ultra Lord

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    that’s great! Sooooooooo stealthy........ mhmm
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