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Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by Dallasg4, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Dallasg4

    Dallasg4 Squid

    Looking into getting some knee pads... What do you guys ride with or reccomend? I dont really want to spend alot of money, so reliatively cheap if possible, Thanks guys
  2. Ezkaton

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  3. beaumont

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    Dainese Trail Skins are good for everything from dh to xc, I had trouble with 661 rages pads slipping down and being super uncomfortable after long rides.

    Trail skins fit me well and are flexible. They haven't seemed to affect my pedaling but have saved my knees once or twice so far... no slipping and well ventilated.
  4. ctguru

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    agree........... +1
  5. Calvin27

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    Agree +2. Been through the usual 661 soft and hard and fox varients. Trail skins still my go to.
  6. Dallasg4

    Dallasg4 Squid

    Thanks, I have had a look and they seem to get excellent reviews, I will probably pick some up soon...
  7. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    I ordered some a few days ago from Wiggle based on opinions on here, looking forward to seeing how they go.
  8. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    Be sure to update, last ride I noticed a hole increasing in size on my 661 Rage between the main padding and the top strap... will be hunting for a replacement eventually.
  9. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Will do. You'll probably see them getting a thorough working over if you're doing the Cressy race?
  10. evObda2

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    Another +1 for Dianese Trailskins.
    Always been a fan of there gear, but never liked knee pads etc in general. Haven't had any complaints with these yet and are very well made.
  11. dynamitedread

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    I really wanted to try the Trail skins but couldn't get past the size guide. Have been using Raceface dig for the last couple of years and although I've been happy with fit and protection there just to bulky for my backpack. (No car, have to ride to trail head). So have taken a gamble and bought these
    Have no idea if there any good but thought at that price it's worth a punt. Am also quite interested to try a d30 pad as the Raceface pads are a bit overkill most of the time
  12. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Agred the size guide for the trail skins seems way outside the realms of human anatomy eh! I took a gamble and ordered the large, they are in the smaller side of good bit I feel like much bigger would possibly move around too much. Haven't ridden in them yet, so that will be the test. I'm sure they'll be fine.
  13. ducky1988

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    I am riding ION K-lites and love them. Can get a bit sweaty but I completely forget I have them on.
  14. Macca333

    Macca333 Likes Dirt

    G form

    G form knee pads all the way, so light and comfortable and super durable.
  15. shirtz

    shirtz Likes Bikes and Dirt

    any updates? keen for some new ones. I hear 7 protection are good too..
  16. dynamitedread

    dynamitedread Likes Dirt

    Demon soft cap update

    After using the demon soft cap for a few times I wasn't overly impressed with them to be honest. Padding felt flimsy (like a piece of yoga mat glued to a Lycra sock) and only really suitable for protecting against wash outs or whips of branches. Plus they ripped along the seam first time I put them on,I did catch my heal on the end of the sock but wasn't heavy handed. Might wait for the K lite's to go on sale as the look really good. Best of both worlds, just a bit $
  17. khsmtb

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    I chose some Endura knee pads and am super happy with them. They have taken some blows and stayed straight. I ride uphill for 40 minutes before going down so getting some pads that I don't have to take off my shoes before putting on was a must. Maybe for you also? I've noticed some of the form fit stocking like pads with no straps tend to lose their elasticity over time and move around when needed the most. When my straps lose their stretch I'll put a knot in them and keep going.
    cheers, K
  18. smitho

    smitho Likes Dirt

    Hands down POC VPD 2.0 Knee pads. Light, durable and comfy.

    Have a pair that are a touch small, and will be buying a larger size (size medium up for sale in trading area if you're interested). But from the limited test I've had with them they're soft and flexible so easy to pedal in, but the VPD foam hardens on impact so provides protection like a more durable hard shell type knee pad. Only downside is probably ventilation and price.
  19. DamionGiersch

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    Heya Dall,

    You know my thoughts on pads, but thought I'd throw them up for others.

    IXS Flow kneepads
    Have a pair of the IXS Flow kneepads which I wore all through winter, and with the amount of falling off that I do, the pads protected the knees well. When pedaling a heap, they seem to annoy me in behind the knee, which appears to be a result of the strap position. They were generally comfy, didn't seem to overheat the knee area, but I did find myself continually adjusting straps and position during rides.

    Overall a good pad, which could be finicky to get positioned correctly, and for me, needed readjustments during the ride. Direct impacts to the foam section were not felt by the knee, but the pads did have a tendency to shift during crashes.

    7iDP Control Knee Pads
    These were a massive gamble for me, as they are expensive (purchased 'locally' from Aussie online retailer), and the positive reviews all seemed to come from riders wearing Royal Racing clothing, and Royal Racing owns 7iDP - just a little conflict of interest. I read one amateur review who bought these pads hoping that they were the Holy Grail of pads that could be used for everything, and his experience had the inside of the pads rubbing at his knees like sandpaper. Anywho, me being a sucker for punishment, I purchased anyways.....

    Initial impressions, were that the packaging was almost unbelievable (the $160 purchase price had to go somewhere), and that the pads were incredibly light. The hard shell looked awesome, and the side coverage was excellent. They weren't, and still aren't, the easiest pads to get on and off, and they don't seem that comfortable when just sitting around before starting riding.

    However, once the riding begins I completely forget that I have these pads on. I don't think they breathe overly well, and I've been riding in +30 °C days, for over 2 hours. These pads become so unobtrusive that I keep forgetting to take them off, and then just drive home wearing them.

    Protection is awesome. I bin it at least once every ride, and while the hard-cap has copped a flogging so far, the pads just keep on keeping on. Better still the pads have never moved in all of my crashes.

    The biggest downside is that they are a real P.I.T.A. to remove, and if you've gashed up your shin, like I continually do, then the lack of flexibility in the pad can make for a delicate and painful removal.

    Overall though, I can't speak highly enough of the 7iDP Control knee pads. Now if only the Control Elbow pads became 'unnoticed' when riding began.....
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  20. bowtajzane

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    Dianese Trailskins......
    never had the need for pads until i started riding more technical
    gravity trails , gap jumps that sort of stuff, very glad i did as these have saved my knees a few times already, they're light and unobtrusive , you'll for get you've got'em on

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