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Customer service / aftersales support from Push

I have bought both an elevensix and a acs3 kit from them over the last couple of months.

I have an issue with both.

1. Elevensix came slightly undersprung and the spring in the wrong colour. The older elevensix comes with a spring which is slightly bronze in colour where the liquid black model comes with a silver spring. I have the liquid black model with a bronze spring. Purely aesthetics but on a shock which cost so much this bothers me. My elevensix bottoms out on reasonable small features without a smooth transition. I got a 500lb spring but required a 525lb spring. Since they chose the spring I would have thought contacting them and informing them of the issue would be a simple, no dramas mate please return the spring and we will send you out the correct one. After contacting them they suggested that I provided the wrong weight and they do no swap springs. I sent a polite but firm response suggesting possible variation in scales. Finally got a response from the boss, Darren Murphy. He apologized for my experience and suggested that at my weight I was at the high end of a 500lb spring and the low end of a 525lb spring and should have been consulted about what I would prefer. He seems happy to swap the spring. Another issue was that my shock came with the switches set up as climb / descend on the card even though I specifically requested descend and trail. I already have a shock with a climb switch.

2. Acs3 started to make a strange sound and feels as though it is getting caught up inside the fork leg on something. When I got the email from Darren he stated this was a known issue with the heavier weight springs (black and grey) and they have adjusted the diameter to remedy this. Just return the spring and receive a warranty replacement.

Ok so after multiple emails from sales who I found quite rude finally getting an email from Darren was a welcome response. He sounded eager to help resolve these issues straight away by getting me a 525lb spring and a warranty replacement black spring for my acs3 kit.

I replied to his email immediately which was more two weeks ago. I have sent two follow up emails and a message on Facebook. I am yet to get a response. I have seen that Darren has been actively posting on mtbr as well as Facebook which is insanely frustrating for me.

For a small company that is selling such expensive high end products I find this unacceptable.

*** For what it is worth I bought he products through a local distributor who have been absolutely amazing in trying to resolve this for me. I do not want this post to reflect badly on them in any way. They have been getting the run around from push also. I contacted push directly in an effort to cut out the middle man and also under the impression that they would carry a lot more stock than the local boys.

At this point I really wish that I had dumped my money into a different brand.

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LTIL posting my experience on mtbr in an elevensix thread and getting a response and immediate resolution within an hour.

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Happens a heap, the construction industry is brimming with dodgy types. My old man runs a construction law firm and has never, ever been short of work. You can't understand contract law well enough to work in that industry, IMO.
Contract Administrator/ Project Manager/ Superintendent... hence the comment ;)

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@scblack I've worked in all levels of government, the non government sector, and private sector, some largest to smallest businesses on the mix. Some of those roles have crossed over with yours - the accounting of monies. So I feel offended that you feel the ability to claim you are the bean counter to end all beam counters! I truely am the bean counter...1kg of beans in the hopper, 20g of beans in the basket, 30-45g of bean juice into the cup. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Keep waste down. Manage stakeholder expectations. Frown. Mumble. Smile. Make inappropriate joke. Glare blankly at incompetent colleague. Fuck I hate small talk. There is a lot of beans in those kilos, how many beans do you count? I'm not going to count them out but I might run a model to project an estimate.
But what about the has-beans?

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No time for coffee this morning for coffee before work number 2. Arrive at work and we have electricity issue. I'm not sure when this coffee is going to be in my mouth, but there will be no bean counting until it is!!! Doodlebug measuring has been postponed.