Little Things You Hate


Kink of the mountain
I think I want a new dual suspension bike. I am so much enjoying the 140mm Hardtail and I have been having a few pedal strikes on the smuggler that have me losing some confidence in my riding. I hate having to decide and I hate not really having the money to change bikes at the moment. 2nd hand bikes should be worth more than they are but the culture of the bargain has crept in its so hard to get people not to buy on price alone. Sigh.


Grumpy Old Man
so its ok for roadies to abuse me while traveling at mach 5 as I walk along the fernleigh track (shared path) and not have any intention of slowing down or dropping back into single file as they pass..I guess the rules only apply to non road bike users?
I guess I shouldn't tar them all with the same brush, as I met a polite one along the track once.....ONCE!
Not really sure how you got here from there, It's not.


Not happy, Jan.
American online stores and their inability to accept the world outside of America exists - and that it might also have credit cards that otherwise work fine...

ffs, how hard can it be to give the fuckers money...?


Not happy, Jan.
Apparently not. But one in Missouri does, so they get it.
Ffs... they cancelled the order - doesn’t ship to freight forwarders and wants PayPal. Wtf is wrong with this country? No wonder their economy is fucked, you can’t give them money!

pink poodle

Clinically Inane
Not long returned from one of the greatest powder days ever. It is apparently the 100th anniversary of Seki Onsen ski area, which has been a family business the whole time. It receives som of the biggest snow falls in Japan and has a strong cult following among powder nuts. They field has only 2 chair lifts servicing a bowl shaped ski area and a steep narrow gully. The ski patrol are only on hand when needed rather than loitering around all day taking passes.

While we were lined up waiting for the chair to open this morning I asked the owner (who often runs the lower chair lift in a suit) how much snow he had received over night..."maybe 1 metre, it is hard to tell..." I'd agree that some areas of the field had received about 1 metre, others had less and some had more. It was very awesome.

Pic of the snow wall outside accommodation. The model is about 5.10 feet tall.



Not happy, Jan.
New delivery of ice in our suburb. Dead shit feral neighbour had metal going to 2am, fired up gansta rap at 9.30 this morning.

Eugenics. It’s got appeal.