Little Things You Hate

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Our man in Japan
Got confused and rocked up to work 2 hours early...made coffee, talked smack, something didn't feel right and then it clicked. I live close by so figured I'd fuck off home and just come back at the right time. But then I figured it's hot and it's windy and fuck going home etc I'll just hit up a nearby cafe for a brew and the paper and the internet and being a jerk. Well this gives rise to a few little things I hate:
  • I ate a really shit $5 pizza from little caesar on the way to work because I was in an epic rush to get there on time and be fed for the night. It was a really shit pizza and 2hrs was more than enough time to whip up some of the treats I picked up from the grocery store this afternoon...roast pork loin and veggies was the dream. Alas porky shall have to wait.
  • The coffee I made at work was about 400000000002 times better than the coffee I just paid to drink. Coffee making isn't difficult, how can one of the most popular cafes in town fuck it up so regularly?
  • Today is hot, humid, and windy. Somehow all of my least favourite weather conditions rolled into one! So I didn't really save myself any sweat by not heading home. I'm sweating just sitting still.


Grumpy Old Sarah
So in a bid to combat the aforementioned lifeless inertia, I took myself down to Eastern Beach this morning to swim some laps, only to find that it was rather crowded with big fuck-off jellyfish.

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
Shaved my snow holiday beard off tonight. I'm not a beard guy and the need to move on was reinforced at lunch today when an egg yolk made a run for it through my luscious whiskers, but the holiday now feels so far away and the next one is even further away. Life really needs more holidays.


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These two fucking morons:

“We could hear speed boats on Lake Buffalo and there were campers below us, there were cows and a dog and there were lights as well, so we knew we weren’t far away from people and help,” Salvado added.

“But we had about a 250-foot drop in front of us so we took a few days just to take a look at it and work out if we could get down there.”

After spending days surviving on food from their backpack, including muesli and snack bars, the couple decided on Tuesday they needed to leave.

“We were in a good spot, a safe spot so I really believed we would get found,” Bohan said.

“But we knew we had to think about our mind set and we just knew if we stayed too much longer and they hadn’t found us, oh my God. So, today we got the energy, let’s go.”

They just “walked out from where we were” and soon came across a mini-bus of Tafe students who were on a canoeing trip.
Where's Darwin when you need him.
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The obviative
As an experienced bushwalker I would ask the same question. Stop and think is the right thing to do when you realise you are lost but wait days on the top of a cliff, seems weird to me.
Maybe they thought that they were in a high visibility location and could see/hear helicopters searching ?

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
They were enjoying some amazing nookie up there. That's why they waited. When his love wand was finally flogged off and her lust pool thrashed out it was time to go home.


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They were enjoying some amazing nookie up there. That's why they waited. When his love wand was finally flogged off and her lust pool thrashed out it was time to go home.
Yep, buggered off to a nice hotel away from the family and then made up some dodgy story.