Little Things You Hate

Dales Cannon

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Cans that don’t fucking stack. I’m looking at you, Golden Circle pineapple rings. WT actual F!
99% of companies get it right, and it’s not like you make your own tins, FFS.
Needs to be this way or the pineapple wont sit on the pizza properly.


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Unforgivable payroll fuck-ups.

So a bit of context. Work was late hiring a replacement, and with my change in status I offered to stick around a little longer to handover to my replacement. The new contract was changed a bit to accommodate this, mainly a pay cut and switching to a casual position so that I could just easily jump out once the handover is done, whilst giving flexibility to how long it might take.

Now what I flagged before signing a NEW contract (not an extension), was that my leave would get paid out as a severance and then I essentially start as a new the same role.

Well...last week payroll just kept paying me on the old rates, and acruing leave as normal. So I gave them a polite heads up on this change, and looked like HR hadn't sent them the new contract yet. I flagged this very concern with them when it came to amending the situation, and this week, sure as clockwork...they have paid out all of my leave at the new (reduced) pay rate, while still clearly marking the casual loading etc on the first page of the same pay slip.

Kind of thermonuclear levels of pissed off and they just copped a fucking earful over it. But fair go, this was flagged before contracts were even signed, this was addressed when they continued to fuck up last week in order to avoid, and they still managed to plunge head first into this and sho



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Spice it up with a little rum flambe if you have someone to impress.
This sounds as randomly decadent as taking banana, halving it lengthways, frying it in butter with a little sugar and cinnamon and serving with some vanilla ice-cream. So rich, but so good.


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Company reps not showing to provide quotes. Had booked two different companies to provide quotes for some work (different days) and neither showed. No call or message. If you don’t want to do the job just say so. Perhaps it’s the universe telling me to do it my self (gutter replacement)
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My postman can eat a dick! So can the neighbours he keeps giving my mail too. Had a sizeable pile jammed in the mailbox today, all bills of course from the last few organisations that can't email me a bill. The oldest is from may!


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Meh. I climbed it, and I'd do it again - a super impressive piece of geology. I wont be surprised if someone does fall off again though, its scary as fuck and super dangerous.

Not as scary as climbing something like El Capitan - that footage of that lunatic gave me the serious willies..


veni, vidi, volanti
Been there too, walked the perimeter, respected the areas asked not to photograph.

Hugely spiritual place, would never be my place to decide what I should do there.
I have little interest in sky fairies of any culture. But mostly I wasnt able to muster any respect for the locals at the time for a bunch of other reasons.

Not a popular position I know, but meh. Its geology, its no different from climbing in Yosemite - I respect for them for what they are, not because some people believe in ghosts.


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If you can't feel a spiritual place, that's sad.

It's nothing about sky fairies or anything. It's about feeling that a place is special.