Little Things You Hate


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It is apparently a thing depending on the cars make/ model
I had a glass outdoor table that spontaneously shattered on a 40 degree day once.

Car sunroofs seem to do it a little as well (was even a recall a few years back), never heard of a side window doing it though. Still wouldn't rule it out as a possibility.


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Large parcel that left Sydney on Thursday afternoon, arrived Tamworth Friday afternoon, left Tamworth Monday...and still hasn't made it the couple of hours down the road. I've been promised it tomorrow (Thursday). Agent's excuse? Driver had a busy day...but that was three days ago!!


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I had a Pushys order get to here in SA in 2 days last week... fucking strange shit happening with our postage system.

My Bike24 arrived in Sydney Thursday a few weeks ago, went from Syd to Melb, Back to Syd, then to ADL the following Tuesday from Melb. Delivered Friday after SA postal speed, 8 days internal.

The last Bike24 arrived in Aus on Tuesday and was delivered Thursday.

As I said, its completely unreliable at the moment... dunno why ;)


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Well it finally arrived today, great job Aus Post lol.
Only took a month and a half to go from Sydney to Melbourne!
Urgh this does not fill me with confidence as I am waiting on a parcel via USPS which according to the tracker left Japan on 9/9 (no idea why it went from San Fran to Tokyo for 6 days...) and has not updated