Little Things You Hate


cancelled Easter
Is that for metro peoples? A few of us are booked with them for October 10 and I just checked the emails and had nothing...

We booked 5 days ago and I just jumped on their site for a look then and you can't book any more... Will have to chase that up I'm thinking...
Check their social media. Just came out.
I think for all peoples??


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Actually after First lockdown I’d ridden a lot of bike path and felt pretty fit. First hit out after no mtb was Macedon. Next day my upper body was aching all over. Really shows how much you muscle those bikes around on those sort of fast tight downhill tracks.
My brief stint on the short trails at Footscray Park around the same time let me know neck muscles don't get much of a workout on a bike trainer either!


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
You think they would have let me compete with a 2016 cromo NS Eccentric? :D
I dunno, I think the only chance I'd have to keep up would be to catch a lift as a motorbike cameraman! If you reckon you can do it on the NS, go for it!


cancelled Easter
Yep, just got the generic email confirming everything is off. :(

Looks like Buxton will get a few visitors that day.
We’ve got an AirBnB booked so will still head up if we’re allowed.
Disappointed but expected something along those lines.
I’ve learnt not to get my hopes up too high during these times.


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So bit of an anticlimax really, no confessions, ended up splitting the difference by taking 2mm off the hub body and making a 2mm spacer (thanks @SummitFever).



Surely sacrificing .2" tyre width is preferable to hand filing the hub..?

If not, make sure you have a second camera filming your reaction :p
The 3.8" go okay but I usually run 4.5" in the sand because fatter is funner.


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Anyone in need of a good prolonged vomit? Have a look at the new M3.
damn, just googled it and wondered who's making faces by pulling their nose up. bmw must be doing something right as they keep selling but in my view it's been down hill in styling since the e46, arguably the e36.


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Anyone in need of a good prolonged vomit? Have a look at the new M3.
Doesn't quite disgust me as much as the prototypes suggested it would. But yeah nah. Those heritage photos where they chuck the new one next to all its M3 predecessors are going to look fairly terrible given the back catalogue are a bunch of lookers.

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yuck. and will probably make an Alfa look reliable...
When the next model Focus RS was announced I got over my hate of Ford dealers and dropped a deposit. The yanks killed the project though the tech will find its way into the musthang. Then I took that deposit and put it on the next M3 subject to it not looking like arse (the M4). I pulled that today and said I would compare it to a hat full of arseholes but that would be unkind to the arseholes. I think bmw M have employed the prepubescent teenager who designed the HSV E2 bonnet and nose. Those fake dimples behind the grill are just plain shite. I have no words on the rest of the front fascia, my vulgar vocabulary is too limited.