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I morphed into zwift guy on the trainer while I was off the MTB for half of last year. wasn't difficult to continue that through to covidtime.

Dude making a track out of his mum's garden would have been the next step if I wasn't working...

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Haven't even watched it yet but I'm sure it belongs here...

[edit] And I was right. Holy fucking shit there's some footage in there! The backwards at night at 60km/h on a multilane road would have to take the cake.
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That's just a normal suicidal move. The backwards driving...
The level of supreme fuckwittery on the DashCams channel just surprises me that more people aren't killed.

It makes me wish that automated driver less cars were the norm. Until then an old Hilux with Mad Max urban body armour with the biggest V8 you can shoehorn in there seems like most sensible car to own.

I don't think we have that much on Russia the more episodes I see.

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LTIL. Nats what I reckon. Just got my T-shirt.
fuck you jar sauce!
But, but... the Deli nearby has an plethora of jar sauces from Europe that aren't that bad.
Not as good as homemade sauce bottled and stored under the house for a year or so but not like eating razor blades either.


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My Dad worked there for 30 years
Was he still there at the end?

I've been on a tour through Loy Yang A a couple of times with work, and looked through the hatch into the furnace - they are engineering marvels and incredibly cool bits of kit. The stories of when a turbine blade is thrown are fun!

I wonder why the stacks at Hazelwood were brought down though? I would have liked them to have been preserved as a reminder of the folly that was brown coal fired power... Or at least to the "it seemed like a good idea at the time" :)