Little Things You Love


Feelin' a bit rrranty
If there’s a bike in history I cared less about, I can’t recall it.
At least they’re honest about the real world practicality of both the bike and the car.
Oh yeah no I could not give fewer shits about the Grim Donut hence why it's in this thread not the New Bikes thread. I love Levy's nuts little Mini and appreciate his ability to laugh at himself.


Crashed out somewhere
What don't you like about the front end? The rear was weirding me out a little until I realised it's a homage to the 300ZX which my inner 7 year old considers the best looking car of all time so it gets a pass. Side profile is the shit. I like.
Fronts got a chev bonnet and the line in the middle annoys me. I know it's meant to be like a 240z but needs more. The bumper lacks the style it needs, it's been too squared off. It's not a ranger/kia/suv.