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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Exie, May 16, 2011.

  1. Exie

    Exie Likes Dirt

    Hey Folks,

    I've finally completed my man space, its only small as we've got a tiny yard, but I'm stoked!

    I've just squeezed my bike in, on the bike stand, its a perfect fit. So I've started thinking about a bench/shelves/draws etc. and contemplating how best to lay it out. Currently its an empty room with a bike, so its a blank canvas.

    Keep in mind I have limited space(~ 3-4sqm), what are you thoughts ?
    Any good examples ?

    I'm thinking about an L shape, leaving a full wall for the bike, room for the door to open, a chair to sit and maybe room to swing a cat.

    I've got a concrete slab, and lined the walls with some MDF, So I can screw things in/bolt things down and I have got the shed wired with lights and power points.
  2. prklcd

    prklcd Likes Dirt

    When you're finished post up some photos!

    Good luck
  3. donny70

    donny70 Likes Dirt

    Get some peg board on the wall and get all your tools up.
  4. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    shadowboard on the wall is a must. Slide out trays under your workbench with cupboards underneath is the go. And nothing like a good tool chest.. But i guess space is limited?! Man, I gotta get me a man space happenin...
  5. prklcd

    prklcd Likes Dirt

    So do I.......
  6. dirt lover

    dirt lover Likes Bikes and Dirt

    If only my parents didn't need the garage for their cars... oh the posibilities. On that note I still don't understand why they're against me wanting to turn the backyard into a pump track... :rolleyes:
  7. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    And get yourself some music. A small stereo or even just a radio. Gotta have tunes while you tinker.

    And a really good overhead light.

    I also got an old cupboard and screwed a big chunk of hardwood on the top and that's my work area.
    Also drilled some holes from small to big along the back edge of the table top and keep all my screwdrivers in there so they are easy access.
    An efficient and practical workspace dosn't have to be big. Just organised.

    I have an L shape like you said and fits three bikes on the wall, one on the stand and a work surface.
    A big chunk of carpet or foam tiles are good too. You can take your shoes off and chill out without cold concrete feet. Bolts and bits won't roll as far when you drop them too.
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  8. binner

    binner Yellow Underwear Person

    ....and the fridge....... ;)
  9. Turner_rider

    Turner_rider Likes Bikes and Dirt

    As space is limited, a peg board with tools may not be the best idea and keeping the tools in a toolbox may be a more effective space saver.
  10. BikeFx

    BikeFx Likes Dirt

    I believe this is the only other thing you need.
  11. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    30" tv with built in dvd player for bike vids... No matter how limited space is, this is essential. Plus when you get booted out to the 'dogbox', you will go happily.. although don't let on!
  12. Exie

    Exie Likes Dirt

    Hey guys,

    Good suggestions, I am lining up a cheap 19" LCD and have an old mac mini I can run it with, add a USB TV tuner and I can have Music + TV + Internet for small space.

    I've also got a panel heater on the cards, but a Fridge is a top tip ... I didnt think of that.

    Space is tight, so I dont think a bar fridge will fit. The theory is I can pop the bike out of the stand and drop it on the trainer for some after work sessions too, so I dont want it too cramped.
  13. Exie

    Exie Likes Dirt

    I like your thinking! If could afford a 30" screen, I'd probably have a bigger back yard + shed!

    Here's a pick from last week:
    It now has a roof with twin fluro's. Good light!
  14. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Some of Ralph magazine's finest perhaps??
  15. Hugor

    Hugor Likes Dirt

    Surely your work place has an old data projector lying around.
    You can't let a large blank wall like that go to waste.
  16. Reubs

    Reubs Likes Bikes and Dirt

    You could free up a bunch of space by sending those ENVE bars to me!

    My "cave" is a single car garage (driveway is too steep to get up without crazy wheelspin). I built my workbench out of 90x90 pine for the legs and 40x70 for the cross supports then got a piece of 7 ply cut to size for the top (and a shelf about 400mm below). I have a big arse vice hanging off one end and reinforced that area so i can really wail on it if need be. My old 5 disc stezza sits on the shelf with the speakers mounted on the wall in the corners to keep them out of harms way (although one now has a dent in the grille from shooting gum nuts with my sling shot at a bastard homeless possum that tried to move in).

    I made a bike rack to hold 3 bikes (I have 2...) but am considering using hooks so it they hang vertically on the wall to save space and help keep the fork seals lubed. I then have a bike work stand mounted to the brick wall with a small (300x100) shelf and a board with all my "bike" tools hanging on it. That way everything is close to hand and you have somewhere to put small parts when you remove them. I have 2 big rubber/vinyl mats underneath so that if i drop anything it doesnt get damaged. I have a shitty old shelving unit (covered in bike stickers) for my helmets and pads. I've been toying with the idea of rigging up a small computer panel fan on the underside of a shelf (with holes drilled in) hooked up to a timer so that you can dry your fullface helmet out properly after a hot sweaty day of riding.

    I have a load of cool bike posters on the walls (original Chainsmoke poster, autographed Follow Me poster and bunch of various things).

    I have a camping chair to sit back and drink beer in but the beer is inside the house still... Lucky my neighbour often comes around with a couple to talk bikes when he sees the garage door open!

    BTW. get a dremel. you can fix/make/do anything with a dremel.

    EDIT: I just looked at your picture again. My workbench would probably fill most of that space by itself!
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  17. Cypher

    Cypher Likes Dirt

    I'm not a man, but can understand the appeal of a good workspace :)

    My suggestion is to not go with the second fridge - you can save up to $200 a year on your electricity bill by ditching the second fridge.
  18. Registered Nutcase

    Registered Nutcase Likes Bikes and Dirt

    i'm sorry but a fridge is not a choice... where are you going to store the workshop beer?
  19. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    I dunno about a fridge being paramount. Maybe in a big shed, but that you don't have.
    I don't have a fridge in my shed and I have increased my workspace because of it.
    If I want a beer I'll go in the house and grab one, usually synchronised with a trip to the loo.
    Save your space, it's small and you need as much work area as possible and a beer tastes just as good with a 10 meter walk to the house.
    If you put a fridge in that little room you will be kicking your toes on it and shuffling around like a teletubby in a phone box.
  20. MasterOfReality

    MasterOfReality Likes Dirt

    +1 for forget about the fridge.

    I have a 6m x 9m man cave with power and I don't have a fridge down there. Gets too damn hot in summer to hang around in anyway.

    That reminds me - I need to go on a serious fumigation/insect genocide mission soon..............

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