Man Space / Bike Shed Layout


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If only my parents didn't need the garage for their cars... oh the posibilities. On that note I still don't understand why they're against me wanting to turn the backyard into a pump track... :rolleyes:
imagine the value of land because you built a pump track in the back yard!

as my suggestion. some speakers? i know i dont enjoy working on my bike unless theres some background tunes.....


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Don't forget to utilise the useless space above you. Great storage for spares or tools that don't get used too often. You can fashion swing down draw type things to store just about anything or put up some mesh to store forks, wheels or frames. Or you can do what I did and just bolt climbing holds up there! :)


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Also, if you have heaps of tyres store them up on racks in the roof, or even use an old hose holder.


A quick pic of how mine is laid out.
A few tools on the wall, bikes mounted vertically saves a lot of space, a book shelf and a cupboard and a few tool boxes. every thing I need, easily accessed.


Also rigged up a hanging record player just for some tunes.
I know this isn't practical in your setup, but it show you how you can access space and storage solutions from up above rather than all on the ground.


Excuse the dodgy photo stitch.


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check this site out (warning: i take no resposability if you look then go and buy a bigger shed)
Its mainly for cars but there is alot of good ideas around and more often than not people will use second hand items and modify them so you dont need lots of $$$.
As an idea if space is limited maybe make a second/extended bench that folds flat agains the wall for those days when a little more bench space is needed.
There is also links to software that helps you design the space before fitting out so you can play around.


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Thanks again for all the tips.

I'm very conscious of the "teletubby in a phone box" thing. There's a high risk of over cluttering it. I do have a single car garage, so this shed isnt a storage cupboard. Its for the bike only (inc. bike tools etc).

I have that exact hose / tyre holder as pictured, so that will go in for sure.

The idea of a part-fixed/part-folding bench sounds good too for extra working space.

No dice on the bars sorry, these ones feel just right so I might hang onto them.

I should have made one other point, I only have 1 bike (thems the rules I was given), so no problem with multi-bike storage (though I've probably got enough parts for a second bike if I had a frame).

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Here is a picture i sent to my girlfriend just after i bought home my new Specialized Stumpjumper 29er comp. She wasnt to happy to see even less bedroom space than there already was. Now i just got to make more room for a new DH bike


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Great thread, my wife wanted our garage back, so I got to buy/build a bike shed ... 4.6m x 1.6m, fits my three bikes, the wife's commuter - some shelves for all my spares and stuff. I bought a solar powered light - all good .... :)



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I've got a Man space/cave, But it's not connected to outside to no bikes or tools :( I've got a big stereo/TV/PS3/Gym/Recliner, It's where I live!

But for a bike shed, Definitely a tool wall and a clean workbench,. Make sure it's smooth too, Small screws dissapear on greasy rough workbenches! We couldn't live without our second fridge but it doesn't look like you have much room.

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Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.
save space by using doubling fridge as workbench and using a carton of beer for a seat?

Too easy.

also, I reckon a shadowboard would save space in this instance, free up valuable floorspace. They also make finding tools a hell of alot easier. If i had a wall I'd have a shadowboard.


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Taken me 2 years but finally have a man room, got our old main bedroom hehe, its no shed but does the trick, tough when you live in an apartment, nag the missus enough and ye shall prevail har har!


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Here is a picture i sent to my girlfriend just after i bought home my new Specialized Stumpjumper 29er comp. She wasnt to happy to see even less bedroom space than there already was. Now i just got to make more room for a new DH bike
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Hang the roadie horizontally from directly above where it is and you'd def fit a nice DH rig in there! :)


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Best thread!! I don't really have a shed but Im living on campus at uni and my tiny room of roughly 3 by 4 metres consists of a bed, bar fridge (which mainly has beer, mum says I need more food in it but I think that because it's a bar fridge it should there for have bar stuff in it) a TV, desk (for study and can be transformed into a work bench), speakers, a lot of tools lying around (not including me) and my DH bike. There's barely any room to move or party but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm even considering trying to fit in an XC bike. Hmm??


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My man space consists of my car which has my bike and tools in it virtually 24/7, and my bedroom, which has my 5.1 speakers, xbox360, 32" sony and wd live box with a 2Tb external... If I could mix them together id be at the pearly gates of man heaven. All id need to walk through those beautiful gates is to put them together and get a bar fridge... Ill have it one day...


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This is the best thread for a long time!!!!

To the OP, I also have a relatively small man cave, and a reasonably substantial Fleet. Pics will follow, but here's a few starters:

As a general guide, you want to maximise your available floor space in a small area. This means storing as much stuff as possible off the ground eg bike, wheels, spare tyres etc, so you will need to build some stuff to accommodate this. This might sound like Captain Obvious speaking, but don't get into the habit of using your man cave for storing things you don't use very often eg old frames.

Here's my thoughts on some of the things mentioned so far.

Shadow board: -1, especially if you travel with your bike, eg to races. You might want a portable way of organising your tools. I will provide a photo example shortly.

Work bench:For working on bikes, you don't need a wide bench like you do for woodworking. I have three work benches, two of which are only about 400mm deep. Again, photos to follow.