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Discussion in 'Tasmania' started by Markee, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Binaural

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    Thanks guys! The current plan is to drive up, ride, crash somewhere in or near town for the night, ride again the next day then drive back south.
  2. rstim

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    Book some shuttles to get value from your time there and if your riding solo let me know when, I might be able to come for a ride I'm lucky enough to live 40 mins away.
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  3. binner

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    music to my ears... we are down doing Maydena and Derby late Nov.. looking forward to seeing some new trails...
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  4. downunderdallas

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    If at all possible I would try and stay 2 nights. My vote if you are already doing Maydena would be to do the whole day shuttle Blue Tier, lunch at Pub then Atlas very different to anything I rode at Maydena but heaps of fun. I rode with a guy at Maydena who said that day (Blue Tier/Atlas) was the best day he had mountain biking in his life. I broke it into two days with my son and I'd have to agree, I particularly loved Atlas and then decending into Derby, just brilliant! Couldn't see you doing that ride and then jumping back in the car to Hobart on the same day!
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  5. ozzybmx

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    We have 5 days at Derby, then down to Bruny Island for 3 nights, then 3 nights in Hobart for the N/S track and Clarence, then over to Maydena for 4 nights, Cradle Mt for 3 nights then BACK TO DERBY for the final 3 nights before the ferry... just in case we haven't had enough Derby.

    21 days well spent.
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  6. rstim

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    You might have to add some wild Mersey into that trip. I think some of first round of trails will be open soon @Stredda would know more. Oh and there is some new stuff that's been built recently behind devenport sneaky ride straight of the boat

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  7. ozzybmx

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  8. Stredda

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  9. caad9

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    This is amazing! I hope your home trails are decent enough to remain interesting following this!
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  10. ozzybmx

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    Home trails are great but Derby is different world altogether, hoping to cover every trail this time. There are allegedly 8 new trails being opened for the Shimano Enduro World Series in November, they had a few teasers on fakebook a week or so back. Got all the maps printed and laminated and made a flip book with the "choose your adventure" site, so hope to get all 8 of these done + the new 8 trails for the SEWS in November.

    Both my boys and myself are pretty excited about it, piss x-mass off, were looking forward to January.

    Here was the FB post, another couple of cool names for trails....

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  11. tkdbboy

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    Midline drop off is now an option if you decide to take kids with you and just want to do flowy greens
  12. ozzybmx

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    My boys did Atlas, Return to Sender, Flickety sticks and others the last time on 20" Kona Shreds, they have come on 500% since then, they are wanting to do them all with me.
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  13. Stredda

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    Raced in the Tas Gravity Enduro series at Maydena on the weekend and was my first visit to Maydena and I was very impressed with the trails. They are as everyone says, STEEP and you are constantly on the brakes on a lot of the more technical trails. One set of pads got me through the weekend no worries. Some of the trails up the top were closed due to 40mm of rain on the Wednesday and Thursday before and a few were still sticky/slippery but dried out a lot by the Sunday race day. Looking to be a big summer down there and I'll have to find the time to go back.
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  14. Oddjob

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    I'm looking to get some solid riding in around February or March next year. Ideally I would like to bring the whole family along including 2 young boys who will be almost 4 and 2 by then.

    Is there enough family friendly stuff for the kids to do at either Maydena or Derby for a week?

    If not I might go solo and let the missus do snowboarding kid free later. Are any other RBers heading up there around then that I can hang out with so I'm not such a nigel.

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  15. Stredda

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    They are building more family friendly stuff there now and there's the pump track at the village. There's also the Railtrack Riders, for something different. It's a pedal powered railway that goes along the old main line with a bit of a bush walk at the end. It's right in town as well.
  16. tkdbboy

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    Jetstar sales currently on for flights to Tassie! Jan, Feb, Mar

    Mel -> Hobart: $222 return including bikes and suitcase (40kg total) + 7kg carry on
  17. rangersac

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    You'd be better off at Derby with kids that age, some nice flat tracks by the river. The railtrack riders are fun, but the pedals are too far away for little kids. They are also a pretty decent workout if it's a single person doing all the work!
  18. Stredda

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    Didn't the old guy come along with the quad bike and push you?:p

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