Mtnx State Champs This Sunday!!


just a reminder that the state mtnx championships will be held this sunday at kurrajong 'HAMBURGER HILL'!

click here for rider briefing

there will also be practice on saturday this will run from 9am till 4pm... cost $20... + $15day licences if not mtba affiliated, this will cover both days riding.

there is a nice pub just 100mtrs walk down the road for any restless parents or avid beer hounds!

i would suggest to everyone to bring thier dualies as this is a rougher track than usually raced, this is also a faster track than usually raced so ARMOUR UP!! our dirt is hard!

see you all this weekend...peace


Central Tableland MBC
i would suggest to everyone to bring thier dualies as this is a rougher track than usually raced, this is also a faster track than usually raced so ARMOUR UP!! our dirt is hard!
I would still say a short travel or hard tail would be better..
Riding the M3 was good when i over cleared the jumps but not so good a doing the super teck rythams sections..


NSWMTB, Western Sydney MTB
2007 State MtnX Entry Form

Entry Form

For the NSW/ACT 2007 Mountain X Championships
at Kurrajong Grass Ski Park, July 29, 2007

First Name
Suburb State Postcode
Telephone (H) Mobile
Date of Birth Gender Male Female
Please place X next to category
Elite Men Women Expert Men
U19 Men U19 Women Sport Men
U17 Men Masters 1&2 Men Masters 3+ (40 +) Men
U15 Men U13 Men #Age at 31/12/2007

Emergency Contact Number & Name

#Age at 31/12/2007 means the age categories are based on the riders age at that date.


Results of 2007 NSW TSG Brodie State 4X Champs

Here are the top threes:
Elite Men:
1st Thomas Hubert
2nd Mitchell Scarr
3rd Tim Dunn

Elite Women:
1st Sarsha Huntington
2nd Joanne Fox
3rd Shannon Jobson

U19 Men:
1st Michael Jobson
2nd Seaton Humphreys
3rd Nathan Lucas

U17 Men:
1st Blake Nielsen
2nd Ryan Hunt
3rd James Horton

U15 Men:
1st Jamie Abbott
2nd Ben Leslie
3rd Matthew Millins

U13 Men:
1st Aiden Vahtrik
2nd Joel Wills
3rd Cameron Ford

Sport Men:
1st Gavin Turner
2nd Matthew Crossley
3rd Matt Walker

Masters Men:
1st Brett Minion
2nd Darryl Ashlin
3rd Brett Thompson

Junior Women:
1st Danielle Beecroft

Download the full PDF below.

Very big thanks to all the people that made it happen:
TSG Brodie
Pylet - Brett Jones and crew
Brett Barnes and Geoff Cartwright
WSMTB - Steve Humphreys
Fordy and Maxine
Kurrajong Grasskarts
The sponsors of the individual classes.
All the people that came and raced
All the Mums, Dads, girlfriends and grandparents that brought their kids to the race and stayed to watch.
I've probably forgotten some, but Thanks! to you all.

To those that stayed away for whatever reason, you missed a great race.

See you at the next round at Goulburn on the 19th of August!



Discussion brought over from Results thread

What happened to Expert class? Was it not run or were there just not any takers?


No takers for Expert

Looks like small numbers all round.
Yes, numbers were down. Not really sure why. Any ideas?

For there to be only 8 Elite men at the State championships is pretty disappointing. And 4 of those were BMXers and another 1 had flown down from Brisbane!

Seriously, any glaring reasons why numbers were down? What can we do to make the races more attractive to people? Is it the tracks? Is it the entry fees? Is it the organisation?

We want to make the State series bigger and better, but we want to make sure it is what you guys want. What would make the State 4X races better? Post up your suggestions here if you want.

BUT, people are always keen to give suggestions on how things should be done, but when it comes time to putting the effort and time into actually helping, these people are strangely absent. I know everyone is busy with work, etc, but this whole series is based on people giving up their time to help out. This series would not run at all if people didn't put up their hand to help. If you want to help, or if you're a racer and your parents want to help, there's always room for more people. Let us know.


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
Are numbers down for the series, or just the champs?

If its just the one race, then it may be a track thing, but if the whole series is down, then its something far more sinister that needs to be addressed. Or at the very least looked into.


A couple ideas I can think of:

Distance. Kurrajong is a long distance out from most of Sydney/NSW, especially for younger riders who rely on others for transport. So numbers would be down on those at Homebush for example.

10metre jump. I missed the weekend due to the flu (but was booked in with missus:)). Even such, I admit the fact of such a big jump made me apprehensive. I was going regardless, but it might have kept some people away, along with talk about the slope and speed. I remember low numbers at Awaba DH champs in 2004, as that track was being talked up so big.

Mr Sheen

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I havnt been to many races this year thanks to my broken leg , but from what im seeing , most if not all NSW 4x races are only getting very small numbers.

I know that i love the racing and do every 4x i can , but i think many dh riders treat 4x as a bit of a side show , as in its a bit of fun to do when its there but not if its going to take effort.

Maybe we need to try to raise the profile of 4x in aus to try and pull bigger fields. Also knowing that turnouts will be small makes some riders feel its not worth turning up and so , even less riders.

Just my thoughts but i dont have any good ideas how to fix it.


The numbers were dissapionting maybe it could be the venue changes and lack of notice and publicity.Now i know i will cop some shit for saying this but maybe we could advertise the series/titles on the bmxa web site as most of the numbers are seeming to be cross overs from this sport and talking to most they dont know any thing about farkin or how to start the sport just an idea.
On the the track side of things those that did turn up had a ball and those older guys saying it was to dangerous need to look at the 9 /10 /12 year olds that rode as they had no probs as most stacks ocured on the of camber grass section.Even though the jumps were big they could all be ridden.A good thing was that this track was ridable on any form of mtb full sussa hrdtail and the down hillers loved it.
Based on previous critisism of our tracks were the jumps were too small and hard to get speed not enough mtb features (drops off camber)this reversed that so who knows.
One thing to look at is we have so many 4x tracks in our state and not one is the same so there has to be one to suit every one .
Lets try and get the word out about the state series and get more involved.


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Dates also could be a problem for some, I know I didn't go as I'll be spending all next weekend at the DH champs and I couldn't get another pass out from family/house duties. Comes down to priorities I guess.


The 10 m jump was great. My 15 year old had no problems with jumping it every time. He states it is a great four cross track and he has been riding 4x in state and national rounds and thinks its the best one yet.


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I talked to some people from Canberra during the week of the event and they were a bit freaked out at the hype about the size of the jumps, and the pics of the helicopter at the club race at the track. It turned them away. Didn't turn me away and from what I can tell I was one of 3 Canberra riders to turn up - which is not a good turn out considering the Canberra MTB club is one of the largest, or the largest MTB club in Aus.

I liked the track, especially the fast flat corner. However I think that dirt jumping and 4x racing are two different sports, and to combine two disiplines will mean that the subset who can do both will have a chance at a good result. I was embarrassed that I wasn't hitting the bigger jumps and I've been racing 4x for ages (have pics racing 4x at Thredbo in the 90's).

I'd say this track was better suited to those who are well versed with 4x and dirt jumping - I guess what I'm saying is that your more novice rider would have struggled and what I am seeing is a lack of newer riders entering the 4x race world. The B-lines were punishing as far lost time goes and like I said it was a bit embarrsing to be taking the B-lines as they were so slow. I was lucky that I was in a class where I didn't feel pressured to hit the big lines, as none of the other riders in the class were hitting those lines.

Just to re-iterate, I enjoyed the track and thought it rode well.


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4x series

My thoughts. I missed this race due to the unfortunate fact of baby vs racing, he gets sick and I miss racing despite my best efforts to be there. I made the week before and while the track is fun I can understand others reservations when a track is being talked up with big jumps. The fact was it all could be rolled but not hitting the A lines left people at a massive disadvantage. That would certainly be a factor of why numbers may have been down, another would be that the DH state titles are the following weekend and not everyone can go racing two weeks in a row.

However my thoughts as to lower numbers for the series is that dates and locations have been chopped and changed so much since they announced earlier in the year. Changes for very good reasons, but I for one, pencil in the dates and locations months in advance and then go about making the plans to attend races. When the locations and dates change that process becomes much harder for those of us with lots of commitments.

There is likely a whole heap of other reasons and factors which I'll give some thought too over the coming days.


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It was a case of too may things and not enough weekends. We decided to go this weekend to State DH spending last Sunday going to Goulburn to get ready for Green Grocers MTNX in a few weekends. We did look at the shots of the track and the big jumps, and this did help decide on the DH weekend.


well the fact that the race calendar is totally full and we have too many events may be a problem, but if you decide to not attend a race due to the hype, then, so be it.

Yes...the track is fast
Yes...there are big A lines
Yes...the track did have advantages for the non gravity conscious

Thats what we are trying to do!!!
make a real track. built for riders who can ride and jump and corner and manual and GO LARGE!!!
This is mountain cross! not bmx, not a sunday ride in the park and definately not a waste of time for those who had the balls to come race.

gone are the days of any granny can ride it type tracks, we need inspirational tracks and trails to ride.

and as for A lines being faster and B lines giving a disadvantage... think about that idea and get back to me:)

anyway thanks to all who attended, i had a ball:p


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I've already made my points clear to NSWMTB. Without reposting that email, there are basically four main issues.

Firstly, the communication with racers as to what is going on is a big issue. So far there have been two rounds on schedule, with the rest being cancelled, postponed (indefinately?) and not announced. James did a pretty good summary below, so I think this point can end here.

However my thoughts as to lower numbers for the series is that dates and locations have been chopped and changed so much since they announced earlier in the year. Changes for very good reasons, but I for one, pencil in the dates and locations months in advance and then go about making the plans to attend races. When the locations and dates change that process becomes much harder for those of us with lots of commitments.
Secondly, I don't think the races have been that well organised, giving people a pretty bad taste of racing. No one wants to spend hours sitting around waiting for racing to start, or results to be added up. On top of that, there always seems to be bad choices made in regards to finals (ie the combination of categories despite having enough to run a moto/final for each group). It seems that racing could be far better organised, which would impress the participants to no end. And if they're happy, they'll come back. Hence why we're at this stage.

In addition, (and probably the biggest issue here, ) are the tracks. I've already ranted on this before, but in a nutshell, the tracks suck nuts. I understand how hard it is to get land, but when the tracks are as dissapointing as they are, no one is going to be stoked to ride them. Sure, you can go nuts and put in big jumps, but that doesn't make for good racing. Tracks can be changed, and this might bring people back.

Finally, despite what has been said before, the future of 4x or mtnx, is pretty bleak. At the moment its the poorer cousin of DH, and with the new huckflipping contests, it is now third in the chain of gravity events. On a national scale the numbers seem to be diminishing, even through to the global world cup level. Maybe the crystal ball gazers were wrong, it might not be the discipline worth pursueing.

EDIT: Forgot to congratulate the series on having a sponsor. Top work guys. At this rate you'll need it.

Just a thought anyway.
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one idea to work with is

Try and get rid of all the bitchin and carry on from the parents of so called shit hot bmx riders

for a start, i know that part will always be tough, but something has to be done, or there may be major infights between genres.

A good look at rule books?

Anomalies with start gate procedures, gates moving etc.

As James quoted more parents into helping instead of being bargearsed big mouths.


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My main problem being it takes a long time to get to the track at kurrajong and it is no where near public transport like SOPMMX. Also race entry fees are quite high for the amount of travel and how unorganised the races can be, can be, but not allways.

Im just not sure what it is. Most of the locals i ride with find a day hitting the local spots and chilling much more inviting than a day of travelling out to races and paying money to ride.

It might just be the lazy nature of my mates and I not to go to races, but something has to be more attractive about MTNX racing.


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We have been to lots of tracks throughout Australia and the best racing has always been at Tasmania. It isn't a track dominated by hugh jumps or crappy b lines. It has lots of lines and makes for close racing right until the finish line, which keeps the riders wanting to race and the crowds interested. This idea of big jumps and being punished with slow b lines is heading 4X in the wrong direction as there is nothing worse for the crowd and the riders to have the race decided by the 2nd jump which appears to be what is happening at most tracks that we have attended lately.

Don't turn racing into a dirt jump event because instead of attracting riders and spectators you will turn them away.

I have helped at NSW 4X events this year and could count on one hand the number of times a race was decided on the line with most of them decided at least two turns before the finish and I can assure you it isn't interesting for anyone.

The photos of a helicopter at the warm up event and the pre event chatter on farkin did nothing to help either.