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Making genuine enquiries about a Sight A2 for my lad. Frame and wheelsize are doing my head in. His 2019 Sight is medium, he is at the upper limits of it's size but still a good fit. New Sights have gone up a size. So do I go another medium, or large... the large reach is longer than my XL Range, so current thinking is a Medium.
Then wheelsize.... he is currently on 27.
Thinking stay with that. But 29er koolaide...

What do the cool kids think?
I would be careful of using reach as your comparison. Use effective top tube too. Given how steep seat angles are getting, the reach is getting much longer (as the bottom bracket effectively mover backwards) but top tube staying the same or even effectively shrinking dire to slack head angle (depending on hoiw many spacers under the bars...)

Anyway - I wouldn’t put all my faith in reach numbers alone


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Got a sit on a new sight for him, the new medium is quite a bit bigger than his current one, the large is too big, so medium it is.
We discussed all the pros and cons and despite my thinking he would be better on 27 he wants 29. I think a few difficult rock gardens and chutes at Mt Beauty helped him decide.
His riding style is more plow than pop and he isn't like a lot of kids that prefer whips and fashion over function, he want to carry speed and straight line the chunder so he will probably enjoy the 29s....I hope...
At least I can reduce our spares to 29 and not both.
If he keeps growing....I guess the #bankofdad will just have to keep up ‍.
Sight A2
Secretly I was hoping he could have ridden a large....because then I could ride his bike. :)


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