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Material it THAT much more expensive?
My mate got a beautifully mate Ti frame from a Chinese company that make to order. Was no dearer than most production steel frames.
Yes. The tubing itself is exxy and you need to purge the inside of the tubes with gas when welding.

I’m not saying the mark up is justified, but it is an expensive process compared to steel etc


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There’s no way I could or would find that sort of coin for a hardtail but I’ve seen it in the flesh, it is beyond sexy

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Hmmm could be a competitor to the Norco Optic/Sight which is where I was leaning....I feel like I'd be a REAL burner with a Banshee
I'd be open to trying one, internal routing and all. It's the trunnion mount shock I'm uncertain about.

Granted my old Trek Fuel Ex had an upper shock mount like that and was fine but I wonder about the threads bring able to handle the forces without stripping, especially if that area is super rigid.

Looks nice, though I'm not selling my Prime anytime soon.


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Has anyone ridden the 2020 Marin Rift Zone 3? Geo looks pretty good, looks like it would suit pretty well, bit of a bump in suspension travel from the old model now more capable, $3500 with Bombers, SLX 12 sp seems a good deal...almost no reviews on line


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@Cardy George This one's more along your lines of riding. There were spyshots of the racers on protos earlier in this year's race season but it finally got released. They run the Eightpins dropper posts that are integrated into the seattube as well, that Liteville's have been going to.
Not pictured on their instagram is the Advanced model, which comes in Enduro "Sand" colourway, a Fox 34 stepcast fork and Shimano XT running gear.