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Exactly. SRAMs had it for about 10 years. (Maybe they had a patent that ran out?)

Makes changing the rear on my commuter bike a bit easier. Not necessary, but it is convenient.
I gotta be honest, didn't think I'd miss the cage lock much moving to Shimano after 8 years. First rear wheel removal made me look like I'd never done it before. Given it's the only thing I miss from SRAM, I think I'll be $50 lighter by day's end :rolleyes:


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Not technically new but replacement levers for Shimano appeared in my You Tube feed today, advertised as unbreakable @frenchman might need to put that to the test.
Surprisingly I’ve never bent a lever.
@Dales Cannon made a suggestion that honing out the lever slightly to get rid of the scoring and fresh seals could fix the leaking. But whilst bikebug has xt levers going for $62 they are pretty much a throwaway item.


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I like the reach adjust on those Flo levers, looks so much cleaner than the knob sticking out of the original levers.


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First I've heard of these wheels!

Pauline has chosen to ride her Duke Lucky Jack SLS2 6Ters wheels with Vittoria Mezcal XCR 2.25" tires in Tokyo.

They look the business:


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First I've heard of these wheels!

They look the business:

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Custom made Vittoria Terreno?