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    for all you norco riders, i thought i should make a post your norco thread!
    it doesnt matter what type of bike it just has to be norco!

    i'll get it started.

    my 250.


    my aline




    post 'em up!
  2. pinned--->

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    Dude nice bikes but we really dont need a post your norco thread. Im almost certain its been done before anyway. It has with almost all bikes....

    But meh. Ill post my old one in a sec.
  3. xc_machine

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  4. Grant_9

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    this may sound real random, but did u buy that a-line off a lad from sale/longoford?? it looks heaps like my mates that he just sold...
  5. freeride-freak

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    nice bikes man! heres mine


  6. ronster44

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    [​IMG]Cool bikes guys here`s my 07 Fuild climbs and descends great all Mountain bike

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    yes i bought my bike off michael. great bloke.
  8. {|DAN|}

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    I'll post my 250 tonight when i get some new pictures.

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    sweet another 250.

    cmon people post them up!
  10. cameron94

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    amburgers are bikes are sick as, you are lucky to have them both this year.
  11. AngoXC

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    Circa 01 One25. They dont make them like they used to. I dont own it. I never owned it. It just stayed in my garage for a few months. But I repaired it and rode it so I reckon I have the right to post it. The current owner can probably update this anyways.

    AMBURGERS Likes Bikes and Dirt

    well i go tthe 250 last year and the aline this year ;). haha thanks mate i'm in a bit of debt at the moment and will be for a while. but it's worth it.
  13. jacob123

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    heres mine!!

  14. {|DAN|}

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    This is my 08 250, complete with a sticker set out of a city rail train carriage.
    Its got an 07 code on it (for sale), atomblab GI rims laced to Tuffnecks, ODI ruffian grips, Maxxis Holy roller and Larsen TT.
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  15. BLAKE-2234

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    in all its ummmmm "atomikness"?

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    kooooooool :D i've seen one of them crack at the shock mount.just a heads up.
  17. BLAKE-2234

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    i wish people would stop spreading that rumour gosh:eek:

    i asked my lbs they said they have had none come back through them (they sold 6 of them) and he asked the imorter sportz they said that they have only had three come back out of like 50 or something that were imported to start with

    but yer i am still worried it might do it just i have been "warned" like 200 million times now:(
  18. Zyphryss

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    04 Norco Torrent with 888's

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    My old one. Never got to ride it with the WC's though. It rode beautifully for a norco. I had it set up great.
  20. Rider15

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