Norco Sight A7.1

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by Delazy, May 1, 2016.

  1. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    living tassie with a hardtail 29er doesnt tend to be fun with the likes of derby and other trails starting to open up to a more all mountain trail i decided the time was now before forever stuck in debt with a new house being built...

    Frame – 2016 Norco Sight A7.1
    Rear shock - Cane Creek DBcoil [inline] / VALT 550lb spring
    Front shock/fork - Rockshox Pike Solo Air RC 150mm (2 tokens)
    Handlebars - Easton Haven Carbon 35 750mm
    Stem - Easton Haven 35 70mm
    Grips - Ergon GE1 Slim
    Saddle - Specialised Phenom
    Seatpost - RockShox Reverb
    Front brake - Shimano XT M8000/180mm XT ice-tech
    Rear brake - Shimano XT M8000/180mm XT ice-tech
    Cranks - Sram S-1000 1x11 w/32T
    Chainring - AbsoluteBlack oval 32t
    Chainguide - OneUp Components bash guide
    Pedals – Nukeproof Electron Evo Pedals
    Rear derailleur - Sram GX
    Rear shifter - Sram GX1 11 speed
    Cassette - Sram XG 1150 10-42T
    Wheelset - Easton Arc 30/Hope Pro Evo 4
    Tyres – F: Maxxis Highroller II EXO TR 2.3 R: Maxxis Aggressor EXO TR 2.3



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  2. jforjeremy

    jforjeremy Likes Bikes

    Nice mate; these look great! How's it ride? Throwing around one of these as an option for my next bike (along with the Canyon Spectral or Devinci Troy).

    Heard the Norco Sight's are a blast to ride?
  3. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    couldn't recommended one highly enough...really playful bike, climbs well and reasonable value...

    the canyon spectral had my attention also but the norco got over the line first mostly due to not being patient enough to wait for the canyon and a local shop having big end of season sale...
  4. jforjeremy

    jforjeremy Likes Bikes

    Yeah have to agree, the timing of Spectral could hold me back. It's a long wait!

    What size Sight did you get? How's the fit?
  5. tre0001

    tre0001 Likes Dirt

    looks mint. was tossing up between norco range and the canyon strive. Went the strive in the end, for something different. enjoy
  6. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    i got a medium and sizing seems to be spot on...

    i did however go with a 10mm longer stem when i changed to the carbon bars...just found with the 60mm it would lift the front wheel really easy while climbing...

    the spectral does come with guide brakes, decent tyres/rims and a host of extras straight from the box...something ive already spent money on upgrading going with xt8000 brakes, tubeless maxxis highroller/ardent and currently looking at buying a easton arc30/hope hub wheelset...

    i definitely dont regret it at the bike and how it rides...opening up all the various trails littering tassie i didnt have the balls to ride on my old hardtail 29er...

    first ride i dropped a 30 seconds from a number of strava segment PB's without really trying and i wouldn't say im 100% confident on the bike as yet...still in the habit of riding it like a hard tail at times so once i get over that itll be a beast

    my partners brother bought the range a7.1 at the same time i bought the sight...definitely a sweet bike and was also considered...but i wanted to give the pike a crack and really didnt need the 170mm travel (i wouldnt have the balls to make the most of it)
  7. Stredda

    Stredda Likes Dirt

    I agree, I love my Sight. I have the 2015 C7.1
    I'm 168cm tall so I got a large, suits me nice.
  8. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    i really wish i could have justified buying the carbon model :(

    but with a house being built timing wasnt right...once things settle ill try and get my hands on a frame and transfer everything across i think :D
  9. jforjeremy

    jforjeremy Likes Bikes

    Do you mind me asking how tall you are?

    Arc 30's will be a killer upgrade mate :)

    Man wish i still lived in Tassie now Derby is up and running.
  10. jforjeremy

    jforjeremy Likes Bikes

    I'm 171cm and was thinking I'd get a small. Do these run on the smaller side? I generally like by bikes to feel small but maybe a medium instead?
  11. Stredda

    Stredda Likes Dirt

    Yeah they are smaller in the reach. I test rode a large Stumpy and the Sight felt quite small after hoping back on my own bike.
  12. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    the only downside of being tasmanian is living in hobart...derby is "close" but still a boring as shit 3-3.5 hour drive away lol

    im 175cm and went a medium...was 'fitted' by the shop and they came to the same conclusion i had...

    still not 100% decided on the arc30's, might be abit on the extreme side of things given i really only run 2.3 HRIIs..the A27 would be the better option but seem to be out of stock everywhere and sell out near instantly when they are back in stock..

    anyone feel free to give an opinion on tyre size/rim width... 2.3 HRII too small for the 30mm ID ARC30?
  13. rone

    rone Eats Squid

    Make sure you change those rotors if the M8000s are running metallic pads. Those 'resin only' rotors you have will take a shit real quick if you don't swap them out.
  14. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    yeh already onto it... have some resin pads ready to go until the rotors are cooked or i find some spare cash to grab a pair of XT icetech
  15. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    Ordered Easton ARC30/hope pro4/DT PG spokes from CRC this to see how the 2.3 HR2 goes on the 30 ID rim
  16. jforjeremy

    jforjeremy Likes Bikes

    Look forward to seeing those on the Sight and a ride report mate ;) Should be killer!
  17. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Nice rig mate! I have had a 2015 Carbon 7.2 for a year now, it's a ripping bike. I've ridden everything from long xc single track to 50k sections of rough rocky goldfields trail (Castlemaine to Hepburn Springs) to Queenstown bikepark and Wynyard dh track, it's a super versatile bike and handles so much more than you think. I upped my pikes to from 140 to 150, and I can't speak more highly of it. I know you're loving it!!
  18. jforjeremy

    jforjeremy Likes Bikes

    Finally went and checked one of these out yesterday. Really, really nice bike!!

    I'd absolutely need a medium, the small was tiny.

    The green looks even better in person too ;)

    Very tempted!!!
  19. bowtajzane

    bowtajzane Likes Dirt

    anyone riding a xl frame?
    just wondering if xl is ok for a 184cm body.....
  20. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    i hated the green until i saw it in person...i genuinely felt like id walk into the shop and have to beg/bribe the shop to give me the a7.2 frame...glad i went the green however

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