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Just spotted this thread, and guess I should add mine.

4wding is probably my main hobby (apart from mtbing of course!)

This is my main toy.

Its a 2001 Land Rover Defender 90 td5 commercial. Spec list is a bit ridiculous, but basically it has front and rear winches, 4 ranges of gearing due to having an underdrive (lowest low range is now 117:1), front and rear lockers, uprated everything and a cage!
this is axke breaking slow wheel revs and high torque out put, but she'd be a beaut for crawling!


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Just bought a 4wd
My 1st one, Triton 2012 GLX R
Took this pic this morning, after I finished putting on the rear lid, which I just bought on fleabay.
Later this afternoon some so and so ran up it's arse :Cry:


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Wow, the Defender is sick Pete!
Cheers. :)

I'm just about to have a second crack at the 22R swap in my '81 Hilux, the first one spun a big end not long after being fitted, much to my chagrin. Current motor was rebuilt approx 5000km ago and has an aftermarket cam, should be interesting. 22R goes really well in the ~1250kg early Hilux btw (at least it did before it broke). With any luck if the rain holds off I'll get it in and running by lunch time tomorrow.
Good luck, hope its now running!


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this is axke breaking slow wheel revs and high torque out put, but she'd be a beaut for crawling!
Yep the gearing in low-low is amazing. It also hasn't messed up any of my normal ranges, so I still have the normal low and high ranges aswell as the ability to use the underdrive in High, although that is not far from normal low range. Coupled with 170bhp, and 400Nm of Torque its fairly entertaining!

The rest of the drive train is upgraded to cope, apart from the fact it is still happilly running the standard 3.54:1 rover ring and pinions at the moment. I will probably swap these out to 3.5:1 shortly.


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nice! i can't remember wether is was a series 1 landrover or a really early nissan but i remember the stories of when my grandfather went accross the simpson desert in the early 70's, my fathers/grandfathers family was acctually the first documented family across the simpson desert, thats my claim to 4wd fame anyway, but yeh he bolted to cheese cutters on split rin togther with extended stud and they were his sand tyres, dropper them down to 15pis because of the strong side wall and from records shown they weren't too bad, well considering times


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Ugh, had a nightmare with a broken manifold stud...then a broken ez out...all up a horrible mess. Got it out eventually but only have about 10mm decent thread in the bore, hoping a brand new stud and some loctite studlock will fix it for now, and a counterbore ought to fix the manifold face up. Unfortunately neither was available in Hobart on a Sunday afternoon.

Pete that underdrive sounds really interesting. No doubt an expensive bit of kit, but effective. I like to crawl stuff as much as possible against the prevalent 'pin it and see' technique most Aussie 4WDers are keen on.
I'm thinking about putting a set of 4.70:1 t-case gears in the 'lux, over the stock 2.27:1 gears. Would get me a low range of approx. 92:1 (vs approx 45:1 stock), beyond that really my only choice is going to dual case or 5.3s in the diffs over the stock 4.88s (but the 5.3 gears end up quite narrow with a fairly weak pinion).
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I agree re fitting lower ratio cw+p's.

The underdrive was pretty expensive tbh but it is the best solution for a Defender IMO and for once I decided to do it once, and do it right!

I have heaps of pics, but wont bore you all too much. Here is one of it fitted.




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those pics make me miss mine, a bit....

had mine about 6 years, basically stock with a 50mm lift and 800 tyres, got a Nissan now, not the sam character as the old landy


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Nice, Bowler have moved the game on since the wildcat though...

The Nemesis is the current model.

road and offroad versions are avaialble.

500bhp, 3.9seconds to 100kmh.



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I was reading this thread and made me miss my last creation. Had it for years and put about 150,000 hard kms on it - 350,000km on the original engine without issues when I sold it. Was a whole lotta fun when I lived in the NT.
1991 Subaru Liberty Wagon
2 inch body lift
2 inch suspension lift
Outback struts (another two inches)
28 inch tyres on 16 inch wheels for another two inches (biggest that would fit in the guards)
Japanese model 4-2-1 extractors with a 4 wire EGO and 2.5 inch exhaust
KMAC camber pins

and with a friends lowered RS



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put down a deposit on a triton gl-r today! They're running em out like a firesale at the moment. $32k for the dual cab drive away. Pick it up in a week


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put down a deposit on a triton gl-r today! They're running em out like a firesale at the moment. $32k for the dual cab drive away. Pick it up in a week
These tritons are so cheap. I'm looking at a GLX for $27K driveaway.

Anyone have one of these and can comment on the offroad ability or general use? Turbo diesel dual cab.


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This is my AWD lawn mower.
Not everyones cup of tee but is pulling close to 200rwkw at all 4 so quite fun on the street.
Coilovers are adjustable so could raise 5-6 inches if I wanted too.