post up your bmx (s)


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these are the bikes ive built up since i started running custom set up's. Got bored so thought i would post them up



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I would do a timeline, but the effort it would take to find the photos is not worth it.

Anyways, new check.

New stuff in bold.

Frame: Fit Aitken s3.5
Fork: Fly 3 Amigos
Bars: FBM Big Ape
Stem: Fit Down-Low Regular
Grips: Animal Edwin gold
Pedals: Trailmixes in gooold
Cranks: I have no idea
Sprocket: Tree OG- this is the best sprocket ever, been rocking it for 3 years and it's still virtually perfect.
Chain: KMC 710SL
Seat: Back Bone pivotal
Post: Animal Pivotal
Tires: F- Fly Ruben, over a year old haha
R- Odyssey Aitken
Wheels: F- Simpel Eject hub on Alienation Black Sheep
R- G-Sport Ratchet hub on G-Sport Ribcage.

I'm currently brakeless, but have left my brakes on because im sure ill want brakes again soon.


jacky b

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very nice broz
i am digging the colour combo.

haha you dont no what brand your cranks are?.

they look premium like.
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Thanks man!

Haha yeah some random dude gave them to me, so i have no idea what they are, i ust know that theyre holding up fair decent.


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I like most of those gump. What park is that? Oh and the old shed looks awesome, how old would it be?
Igofastdh, the park is my local bridgetown very mellow but can be fun when im in my peg nibbling mood

honestly not sure on the age of the shed/sheds but remember the land lord saying about 80 or so years. one of the sheds is an old dairy that ones the younger of the two. the other is an old hay/machinery shed. pretty cool sheds, if they where mine i would have put a roof on the big one and installed a mini ramp in there

and cheers for the comment on the bikes, gone through a few to many in a short space of time


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my new bike, thinking of new tyres as i have a khe mac 1.5 on the back and a dirt monster on the front, whats good for park and a bit of dirt?



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I make a post every now and then, when important things happen, and well this seems pretty important in my BMXing world.

So my bike is in pieces i wonder why.....

Hopefully next time, soon, it i will be the rebirth of my bike.
sorry bout the shit photo, new to the picture taking world and i can't be bothered.