Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.


Sphincter beanie
Why are you tackling the same job I am?

Except the new bushes I’m using have no external sleeve, I just have to get the old steel sleeve out of the beam...
Had a crack at this today - gave up when I realised the instructions are wrong. You need to disconnect the brake hoses to drop the beam. CBF'd doing all this in my driveway, it's not a necessary repair & it's our only car.

Instead, I reset the damping on the rear Konis (now two turns from open, was one - the Eibachs needed things turned up a bit) and worked out where the fuel filter was. Again, fiddly plastic fittings in a tight space means I'll get the mechanic down the road from work to swap it over. CBF'd breaking something.

Also need new tyres - rego due in two months (likely smack bang in the middle of the pandemic peak) so I'll need to sort that now & get a pink slip as early as possible.

Seems extreme to be thinking about these things but you can never be too careful.