The stupid questions thread.

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I set a friend's dh 27.5x2.5 minion tyres up tubeless a while ago. We followed the instructions and it all went really well. He had Stan's jizz in a litre and we didn't need anywhere near that much.


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Sooo, is this really enough sealant to do a 2.3-5 tyre or are they being optimistic. 2 ounce bottle, cheers
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You'll need to top it up usually every 3 months as it dries out and you can lose a bit when you get punctures also. I usually buy it in the 1 litre bottles as I have two bikes that are tubeless and that last me a year with a few tyre changes. Welcome to another diminishing return MTB product :).


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Stupid question but these are the things that keep me up at night... according to the three rules you can't feed a Mogwai after midnight... so what time can they safely have breakfast and do they recognise daylight savings time?


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2019 Lyrik RC2. Both HSC and LSC dials move together. i.e if I have LSC fully open, then rotate HSC a couple of clicks from open, then the LSC goes with it and is no longer fully open. So then move LSC back anti-clockwise to open but then HSC comes with it. Is there something I’m missing? Coming from a Fox 36 and never had a Lyrik before. Fox doesn’t do this.


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Starting to think about putting a bull/nudge bar on the camry (Laugh all you want).

I'm tired of having to constantly get the underlining replaced and the current aftermarket bumper surely won't last too many hits since its already got cracks from previous hits.

The main problematic animal here is the humble wallaby so doesn't need to be one of those fuck off big ones, just need something that can offer cover for the whole lower half of the bumper if possible.

I don't know how difficult it would be but i'd consider making my own one but dunno how that'd go.