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I have read somewhere that 11sp derailleurs work on 12sp setups without issue. Can't find where at the minute.

E13 sell a Sram 12sp upgrade kit that converts a Sram 11sp shifter to 12sp. It also changes the derailleur pulley bolts and spacers

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I've heard that too but the 11sp XT specs say 46t max cog and the GX is 50t max.
12sp XT suits 51t...
Im going to have proper crack at getting the GX working right and then might try a shimano mech.


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Even 46t on Shimano 11sp is a compromise. It works, but more b screw required than I’d like. You don’t get the ideal wrap around on the smallest cogs.


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FWIW, just received my 11sp goat links, and not overly impressed. Have used 10sp ones in the past, and was great for up to 11-40.
The 11sp one didn’t immediately resolve the excessive B screw issue, in fact, it’s more of an issue. Will need a longer screw than the stock derailleur, and it doesn’t come with one...and it’s like $60 for a small piece of alloy.
Pulled it off and chunked it in the ‘meh’ box.


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11sp XT clears a 50T quite comfortably, without any mods, in my experience at least.
Sounds like a Unicorn scenario. Agree with @moorey - 46t works, but the derailleur isn't ideally tuned for it. I tried a 49t with a standard XT derailleur and no way was it going to work on any dual susp with even the slightest amount of chain growth, from memory even the hardtail didn't like it too much as it needed a heap of B-screw so had bugger all chain wrap in the small gears...

The Wolftooth cage mod kit works well (much better chain wrap in small gears, and better clearance in the larger gears), but requires a special offset bearing jockey wheel (the kit comes with it, but harder to find replacement if needed), and honestly the cages seemed a little flimsy. I bent (slightly) two, and I'm not hard on derailluers. Garbaruk also do (or did?) a modified cage that utilised the standard pulleys that looked a bit beefier, but I've never tried one myself. @Scotty675 has one, so may be able to offer some info.


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Seriously asking for a friend.
where is the air valve on a Trans x dropper post? Is it at the bottom as my mate pulled off the saddle and found nothing


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Seriously asking for a friend.
where is the air valve on a Trans x dropper post? Is it at the bottom as my mate pulled off the saddle and found nothing
Depend on the model. One has, one hasn’t.
If there’s a bolt, not a plastic cover and shraeder valve, no dice.


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So how do you speed up the return? Came stock on a Sight
You replace it.

There’s apparently rebuild vids online...pass.

Give it some lube under the collar. Kept mine going long after I thought it was dead.


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What sort of incline are you guys pedalling up with 50t on the back end? And are you moving as slowly as I imagine?
Not 11spd but I dont even know if you can get a 12spd group without at least a 50 out the back now... anyway, it doesnt seem much different than 40-44, just another gear to spin. I find myself climbing most hills on the 2nd or 3rd gear down, dont know what tooth count that is, probably 40 something.


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You can't because it's a sealed cart. Other than well lubing it with the correct grease, and don't bother with any old grease because it will actually make them slower.
Gotcha. I’ve some slick honey butter or whatever it’s called I’ll give him. It’s only a couple months old so he should get a warranty.


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I haven’t tried an 11 speed derailleur on 12 speed yet. Have run a couple of combos with 50t though. The one up and garbaruk cages are very close to the same offset and spacing.
Both worked fine with a 50t. I have run a standard cage on a 50t on the stand and it changed fine but this was on a hard tail and only on stand.